Yes, Guest blog posting is still a viable SEO strategy for your business growth

Yes, Guest blog posting is still a viable SEO strategy for your business growth

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Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web spam team and industry experts in a recent blog post that there are some internet marketers Tizzy.

Information content and Google’s algorithms in order to be able to have direct access to the details Katz, a search engine from a website that lists ranks when speaking, as it’s close. So, of course, throughout the world, experts are taking note. But do not jump to any conclusions.

A little background: a beloved guest blog tactic is used many SEO professionals, myself included. The concept is simple. Google, the links that point to your website from other websites, and use that information to determine when and where the search engines to see your website. High quality, and that many high-quality inbound links to your website has a lot of links from websites with all other things being equal, often from websites that rank higher than a rival.

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It does not pay much attention to the quality of the links that Google used, but it should be a lot of updates to the low quality, and lower-ranked suspects with links to the past few years, bought a lot of punishment.

Katz is looking at the problem of abuse of this practice. It’s just a stretch of New York, there is no connection between the two sites, and is not, in Salt Lake City hotel is a self-storage website, and it is to be read in a blog post that will confuse people.

I’ll find a link to my client, but if you like space and my clients, boosts, who cares? Google, he thought, if you do not collect the ranking of a website in search engine algorithms to help people in any sense. So do not open the door to competitors to provide the best results, search results will be reduced

Google and other search engine results you want users to search and hope their purpose, and that more people need to be invent a new era of SEO Strategy.

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