Why You Should SEO Your Social Media Appearance in 2011

Why You Should SEO Your Social Media Appearance in 2011

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When it approaches to landing a top spot in search engine rankings, the world’s foremost 200 consumer brands can’t be beat. But inside the search pages on social media websites, a report this week displays that the main brands often barely list.

Almost 100 percent of top 200 Fortune 500 products are either at bat or in the batter’s box when it comes to search listing, according to a fresh report from BrightEdge, a San Mateo, Calif., software developming firm. Nevertheless, 70% of these brands didn’t have Facebook or Twitter pages in the top 20 search result, states BrightEdge at their April report, 2011.

Brands frequently pour vast capitals into social media, but they’re not building the most of it, says Jim Yu, president of BrightEdge. “Brands may perhaps misplace important customer connection points if consumers can’t simply discover their social media pages in search.”


Observing the results of the big brands, you may be wondering what you can do — at the moment — to give a boost to your brand’s social media presence? For beginners, link to your Facebook page from your company website. On the other hand, link to your site from your Facebook page to rise the search rank for your Facebook page. Your page’s manager can sort out this from the website field, reachable via the “Edit Page” button at the upper right of your Facebook Page.

In addition, as a way of mostly used white SEO tactic, keep your Facebook page updated with fresh and relevant new contents. Even though the BrightEdge report found that there is no connection in the middle of the number of “friends” or “followers”.

And since Google and Bing now consist of “social” signals in their search algorithms, it’s more essential than ever that your content be good. How else do you give details about Nike’s Facebook ranking? The sports shoemaker has above 4 million Facebook fans, however its Facebook page miss the mark to score in the top 25 search rankings for “Nike.” But why? It might be since its Facebook page has merely been updated 14 times from the time when the first of the year.

So, without a doubt, no matter how attractive your Facebook page might be, if a customer can’t see your brand page in the top 10 search results, that link might as good as invisible.


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  • Joseph T Reply

    Facebook puts the “Boost Post” button below every post you have to entice you to click it and spend money with them. You can’t blame them.

    April 23, 2011 at 15:41

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