Website SEO Presentation 2012: Google Webmaster Tool

Website SEO Presentation 2012: Google Webmaster Tool

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Google Webmaster Tools is a set of utilities for webmasters. Up till now, what you don’t know right away is that this is a very convenient set of tools that lets you to connect with Google and adjust many features of how Google scans through your site. Like list the external and internal links to your site, fine-tune the crawl rate at which Google bot indexes your site, check click through rate for every keyword, get your site’s statistics, and a lot more.

As soon as you have made sure of your rights and have Google code in place on your site, you can now start to enjoy the benefits of Google Webmaster Tools. Once you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account, the main thing you get is the Dashboard:

As of there you can enter all the key. Clicking on whichever of these will open the separate section. These are some primary contents of Webmaster Tool dashboard:



The Search Queries part displays the keywords that ran users to your site. This long piece of list shows which keywords users sought for when they approached to your site.


The second in easy reach section of Google Webmaster Tools is the Links to Your Site segment. Here you can get where your backlinks originate from, along with the pages they are linking to.


As well as to the Search Queries segment that also deals with keywords, the Keywords section also displays keywords. Change is, here you can also see the keywords google prefers in your site along with the ones the users searched for. The Keywords section also lets to see the theme of your site.

Crawl Errors

Crawl Errors segment shows the errors Google bot bumped into on your site. You can also get some other crawl stats that are worthwhile to know.


And the final part you can use from the Dashboard is the Sitemaps section. At this point in time you get the sitemaps of your site Google has set up and the total of URLs in them. If the sitemap association by Google is different from what you estimated it to be, you can submit a different sitemap for Google to use.


Google Webmaster Tools is a really cherished implement for website SEO. It gives you at a glimpse of data about all vital SEO aspects of a site. Such as links, keywords crawl errors etc. If you don’t practice it already, take the time and become familiar with it.

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