Website Ranking Factors: Is Your Site Fast Enough?

Website Ranking Factors: Is Your Site Fast Enough?

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Google wishes to make the web a speedy place and has stated that fast sites get a small ranking advantage over slower sites. So speediness is always a good website ranking factor.

On the other hand, making your site blazing fast isn’t a guaranteed fast ride to the top of search results. Speed is an important yet minor factor that influences just 1 in 100 queries rendering to Google.


Are Your URLs Expressive?

Well, expressive URL is having the words you want to be presented within your domain name or page URLs can benefit your ranking scenarios. It’s not a chief factor but if it makes logic to have vivid words in your URLs.

HTTPS or Secure Site

Google would want to see the whole web using HTTPS servers, with the purpose of providing better safety to web surfers. To help make this take place, it rewards sites that use HTTPS with a minor ranking boost.

Speediness can strengthen other factors and may in fact improve others. We’re an irritated bunch of people these days, particularly when we’re on our mobile devices! So web traffic (and conversion) on a site may increase based on a quick load time.



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