Videos and Blog Content Optimizing

Videos and Blog Content Optimizing

Blog Content

In a previous post, I wrote about blogging arrangement and SEO instructions for improved rankings and told you about methods to create a rock-hard web presence. I’ve seen intense search engine boosts on blog sites just as of regular postings. It’s a significant strategy to take in in all online business today.

The business world is slowly being absorbed by this social web, and some companies like Toyota and GM are pushing CEOs and top level VPs to lead into their thoughts via blog posts, podcasts and video. Moreover, they know that it’s not about just selling, but about enlightening, sharing and generating an independent voice that’s less corporate and more customer friendly.


Why Blog?

With guesses of the blogosphere getting more than 50 million blogs as followed by authority sites like Technorati, you’re losing out if you’re disregarding it. Marketing Daily research displays that 8 out of 10 Americans know about blogs, and almost half visit them frequently. Businesses can knock into huge markets when making and building blog content, and the more widespread and useful they are, the more you’ll keep attentive candidates coming back for new. WordPress blogs, for instance, are mostly search engine friendly, but adding dedicated plug-ins for SEO and supporting scripts can make a highly performing platform for users and search engines.

Why Video?

Although a blog is a good place to start, another very clever choice for web experience is video. The cold drink company Zima, for instance, took an inexpensive video camera and produced this viral video, which has received above 1 million views until now. In the video, they located their brand in only a few, tactical places–no sales pitch. And they selected to use humor rather than argument, which also sells superbly on the web. Data specifies that YouTube visitors watch more than 100 million videos each day on the site, with an usual of 65,000 new videos uploaded everyday. In addition 70 percent of the site’s listed users are Americans.

How to Optimize

Ever since on-page (content) and off-page (links) issues are very essential in SEO, how can you improve videos and have spiders read the content when no text is existent?

Maximum media sites read meta content, for example your name, groups and URL. Nevertheless, some sites, for instance, search spoken words– recognized as “speech to text”–and agree for much better SEO techniques with the content accessible. They try to unlock the data and pull off available to the search spiders.

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  • Oliver Mr Reply

    The Page Rank service from Google is the most popular way to measure the quality and popularity of a site but it alone isn’t enough to give us the correct idea if a site is good or not. There are too many sites with inflated PR, so we can’t trust PR alone.

    August 12, 2011 at 14:24

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