Types Of SEO Writing

Types Of SEO Writing


Here are the marks of my analysis and the types of SEO writers I found. You’ll note that they sort from good to bad in SEO writing.

Best: People who request permission to reissue your article, and add a bio with backlinks if you request.

These are people who are usually looking to increase the contents of their individual sites. They usually reissue the article in complete, and are more than pleased to add whatever bio and links you require.

Good People who blog about a little you wrote and who link to your original article. They also provide their own exclusive commentary with it.


This is the best kind of blog post as it isn’t a complete copy-paste of yours. And it gives credit where credit is owed. Look out though, as sometimes these sorts of blog posts are dangerous of what you’ve written. In my view, I have no difficulty whether people agree or disagree, as that’s the base for blogging.

Average: Persons who blog about what some other blogger blogged about. And they link to both the unique article and the blogger’s comment.

I will most likely put this one in the “good” classification, as it really is good. But it still is annoying when the secondary blogger’s post appears to get more credit than the unique piece.

Bad: Persons who also blog about what some other blogger already posted (as in group 4 above), but who link to only to the blogger, and not the unique piece.


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