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SEO Expert tips: Four Ways to Re-Boost Sales

I’m a strong believer that industries must always develop or face destruction. So, at the first of last year when my company — which focusses in producing short advertising videos known as “sizzle reels” — was facing high levels of return business. But not much in the means of new customer gaining. Straightaway, I set off to make some big modifications.


Here are the four stages I faced, as well as some of the teachings I learned along the way of a SEO Expert.

  1. Teach the sales team to work with a 2-for-1 attitude. When we sold a new client we stimulated our team to change that one client into two. We made a database that gave free gift cards and provided breakfasts to clients who gave us recommendations. Very shortly, our business’s bottom line rushed without spending a penny on lead generation.
  2. Fine-tune keyword approach based on client response. Over several lunches, conference calls and email exchanges, we requested our clients to tell us what they believed about our service, where they heard about us and why they employed us. The most expressive thing we learned was that maximum of our clients found us online but hardly ever by using any of our traditional keywords.
  3. Make things easier in the information collecting process. Client response also taught us that they didn’t need to call us or send an email over our general inquiry address since they didn’t know what to ask in order to get a price quotation. In reply, we added a “request a quote” page that asks customers to answer questions we supposed they might ask us to get a quote. In This method, we can gather everything we need to offer them with an accurate quote without requiring to have an actual discussion.
  4. Move to a cloud network. Moving our business’s operations online not only assisted us to provide data to customers faster and close deals faster, it also reduced our overhead expenditures by $2,500 a month usually.

Ultimately, use recommendations to build your reputation. We were lucky to have a list packed with name-recognizable clients counting some really popular brands. We wanted to reach out to numerous of our clients for recommendations, which we possibly will then use to get new clients. We collected those recommendations and display them on all sales resources and online. Though we can’t put an precise dollar amount on what this method generated revenue-wise, it is clear that it has made it much cooler for our sales persons to close sales.

Alibaba and Yahoo Try to Make Up



It was a surprising disagreement over two continents that stunned technology investors.

But just as fast as it started, Yahoo and the Alibaba Executives, the Chinese Internet giant that Yahoo partially owns, said Sunday that they were in work to rapidly resolve the fight.

The declaration is a proposal to end a dispute that exploded after Yahoo said in a regulatory filing last week that Alibaba had moved the assets of its online payment part, Alipay, to a Chinese corporation managed by Alibaba’s chief executive, Jack Ma.

Shares of Yahoo embarked after the statement over fear that the transfer may have worn the value of Yahoo’s holdings in Alibaba, one of its cherished assets.

Puzzled by the argument, investors penalized Yahoo’s stock last week, wiping out more than $2 billion in marketplace value. Investors had tender up shares of Yahoo in the past few months, partially because of plans.

The battle over the asset sale has turn out to be the latest part in a partnership that began five years ago, with a news conference in Beijing to publicize that Yahoo had decided to pay $1 billion for a 40 percent stake in Alibaba. As part of that contract, Alibaba also decided to take control of Yahoo’s Chinese Web site.

Ever since then, Alibaba has developed into a Chinese Internet capital, with a selection of fast-growing units, with a business-to-business Web site known as Alibaba.com.

Yahoo, alternatively, has had its wealth decline after a takeover fight with Microsoft and the pronouncement of a co-founder, Jerry Yang, to step down as chief executive. He stepped forward by Carol A. Bartz in January 2009.

Investors in Yahoo turn out to be nervous after privately owned Alibaba last week published a sequence of statements saying the asset handover began in July 2009 and was finished a year later.

Alibaba executives say the handover was lawful and essential since China’s new regulations controlling electronic payment platforms. But then again on Friday, Yahoo recommended that it did not know about the handover of the Alipay division until this March, and that Yahoo and other Alibaba investors had not permitted the sale.

With Google having much of the online search market and Facebook the leading social networking site, investors have confidence in much of Yahoo’s value is tied to Asia, imprisoned in its risks in Yahoo Japan and China’s Alibaba.


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GTalk and AIM users can now chat without logging into both services

Matt Brian


At the start of May, AOL publicized it was to start working with Google to let users of its AIM messaging service would be capable of chatting with Google Talk (or “Chat” within Gmail) users without having to log into both networks. Today that feature is announced to be live and working.

Even though there hasn’t been an official declaration, Pidgin developer Mark Doliner publicized the feature had gone live on the Pidgin mailing list.

AIM users can IM anyone at gmail.com. The first IM will fail to go from side to side and the Google Talk user will get an approval request. After the authorization request is accepted, messages from the AIM operator to the Google Talk user get through. And Google Talk users can IM screenname at aol.com or “email(domain.com)@aol.com” IMs run through directly. Likewise, status messages and typing notification seem to get turned between the two protocols.

If you’ve listed a gmail.com account as your AIM profile name, and an IM user IMs somebody at gmail.com, messages go to the connected persons individually.

When the presentation of the new feature is publicly announced remains to be seen, AOL’s early announcement said Gmail users would be warned when they logged into their email account. AOL could be preparing the protocols for users before publicizing the promotion, the features are not live within Gmail up till now. But it would also describe why developers are letting the features working live within third party softwares (and probably GTalk).

If this is the circumstance, we anticipate all users to be informed soon.

As a consequence of the change, Gmail users will in a little while be blocked from logging into AIM via Gmail’s chat option. It means they will have to add their AIM friends into Gmail’s friends list. AOL has said it is operational on an AIM to Gmail server. But it also states that users can add their friends one by one. The moment they are imported there to here, users will be able to message straight from their Gmail username. However, their AIM username will no longer display their online status.



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