Stuck With Backlink Analysis? There Are Alternatives!

Stuck With Backlink Analysis? There Are Alternatives!

Backlink Analysis

So I’m doing this post for those of you who want to pick up more about why your website is not ranking for your directed keywords. As a primary post about this topic, first I will show you what backlinks are, and how you can use an alternative.

Backlink Analysis

By this time, you’ve perhaps heard or read that if you want to rank on Google, you must have backlinks. A backlink is a link commencing one site to another. In Google’s senses, backlinks are polls for your site.

How many backlinks you require for valuable traffic is determined on how competitive the keywords are. Also it depends on the quality of the backlinks you obtain and your site’s Domain Authority.

Domain Authority (DA) is a method that was established by Moz. And it proceeds in account domain age, reputation, etc.

Choosing Long Tail Keywords Require Fewer or No Backlinks

I can tell you from my familiarity that you can shape your traffic without manually building links if you use long tail keywords. It doesn’t work as healthy as it did years ago. But still it’s well enough to make what I call “submissive side money” without constructing backlinks.

A long tail keyword is a very precise phrase that gets searched for considerably less than a more competitive one. So if you got a site which sales dark chocolates with special tastes, a keyword like “dark chocolates” is too competitive. And it’s due to the amount of monthly searches and the large brands ranking in the top 10. But a long tail keyword like “special dark chocolates” is more precise and not as much of competitive. So the hint is you carefully write posts that aim at less competitive phrases. I joined a webinar recently. And a gentleman said he only goes for keywords that become searched for less than 100 times each month. And his site constantly gets 2,000 views per day using this technique.

Although you may only get 5 visits each day from these keywords, they are really easier to rank for. And if you recap the procedure across multiple keywords, the traffic enhances up over time.

The biggest disagreement to this method is that many of these keywords you can rank for today are not “cash keywords”. This means they don’t make traffic that simply converts into transactions. A proper argument certainly, but this tactic is still worth applying.



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Comments (2)

  • Trevor M Reply

    From where do I start the analysis from scratch?

    September 18, 2011 at 05:19
    • Evelyn Reply

      To start, you simply go to your chosen tool’s website and plug in the target website’s URL. This will immediately take you to an overview page, in which the target website’s backlinks are summarized in full. I highly recommend that if this is your first time ever using a backlink explorer, you take 30 minutes to an hour and simply click around and familiarize yourself with the various tabs, graphs, functions, filters, etc.

      September 20, 2011 at 22:30

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