Why and how is it important to study the source code of your website for SEO analysis?

Why and how is it important to study the source code of your website for SEO analysis?

SEO analysis

Rows of your web pages on Google for a given search query will be displayed and the other search engines “read” to determine the code. So, search engine optimization (SEO), many come to your source code.

It really teaches you how to check the validity of the SEO of your SEO efforts, and your own personal website source code version of the study in order to ensure a quick guide to show you how much.

If you’re paying someone to manage the final SEO analysis for your site, we have to go through the tapes of his progress. To get started, click on the link, click “Next” to.

How to view source code.

Check the source code of your website, the first step is to see the actual code. Every Web browser, you can easily do this. Both the PC and Mac keyboard command for viewing the source code of your webpage.


Firefox – “Instead, you” Firefox Ctrl + U “menu and then click Go (.. CTRL key, press” and “press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and hold it while the press material), Web Developer,” then “. Page Source ”

Internet Explorer – Ctrl + U or right-click and “Source” to select.

Chrome – the top right corner of the Ctrl + U or three lines, you can click on the odd-looking key. Then “Tools” and click “view source.”

Opera – Ctrl + U can choose the right web page and click “Page Source.”



Safari – the keyboard shortcut Option + Ctrl + U you can click the website and select the “View Page Source.”

Firefox – you “Page Source” or “Tools” menu, right-click, “web developer” and you can click on the “page source.” The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U

Chrome – “Source.” Then the “View” and “Creator” and click to navigate and you can right-click and choose “View Page Source.” Option + Ctrl + U keyboard shortcuts.

If you know how to look at the source code, you will know you for something. Generally, if you search for the source code to fit your exact search function using the normal Internet browsing. This lets you quickly scan key SEO elements to your source code as well as the support command CTRL + F (Find).

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