Social Media Marketing Metrics: Brand search volume

Social Media Marketing Metrics: Brand search volume

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be an extremely effective marketing medium, but it can also be a marvelous time sink for brands that focus on the wrong situatuons.

There are numerous reasons social shares provide very little info about the overall efficiency of your campaign. Some of these contain:


  1. Countless social shares originate from bots.
  2. Social shares might not come from your target consumers.
  3. Social shares can be from individuals that are talking negatively about your brand.


Despite the fact that Facebook likes and retweets can provide some interesting data, you’ll also want to track the metrics that deliver a more nuanced understanding of the influence of your social media efforts.

Social Media Marketing

A 2009 revision from GroupM found that consumers that are exposed to a brand on social media are 180 percent more expected to search for that brand on search engines.

Obviously, this proves that search volume for brand terms is an significant metric, yet many brands someway fail to monitor it.


There are a diversity of tools to measure brand search volume, but Google Insights & Google Trends are most likely the most effective. Use these tools to equate changes in search volume for your brand in contradiction of changes to your competitors’ volume. Doing so can deliver insight into your ability to target customers on social media relative to your competition.

So whatever you do, never disregard the importance of your brand search volume.

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