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Social Media

Is better to avoid doing so, as we would never know if the socials you get are from our advertising campaign or from others.
So is always better to stick with one provider at a time, till the job is done.

People are not robots to stay unmoved or to follow you or your site or your page unconditional. Keeping them is a matter of choice and many times depends on your content and updates. However, to cover those that may unfollow you in time, we always over deliver at least with 5% more socials on every orders.

Most of our socials came natural & are done slow. Still, people unlike because they may not like your content or they just change their mind. They cannot be forced to stay. But with our over-deliver will cover it over time.

Still, in case people unlike you in time under the purchased number of likes, we will promote you again for free in the next 12 months from the date of pucase.

We do not use plugins for social media sites.
We proceed like this:
Option 1
You give us the website link and we will do a post on Pinterest (we take Pinterest as example). That post will be advertised on groups, pages and other people wall, so people will start to like it. All the pins will be counted for your website.

Option 2
You do the post on Pinterest (we keep taking Pinterest as example) and we will advertise your post in the same way mentioned above. Everything will be done inside Pinterest.

Most of the people using plugins on websites are not aware of how these plugins work and make confusion between plugins that show (for example) shares or likes. Some does never count any number (they are just sharing buttons or tweet buttons). Other issues are blocked plugins that are stuck on some numbers. Third, are errors and conflicts between sites and plugins.

So.. we will not gonna work with them. You give us the link, we are doing them inside social media websites. It will NOT be our responsibility if plugins buttons will not show numbers or will not work. We had a terrible experience with this and we want to avoid future issues. So our work will not be related to this.
Only what social media websites shows are original and count as a proof.

We have no control of who will join you. We just promote on timelines, people profiles, Groups, Pages (including exchangers), networks. However, some have new or unfinished accounts…as you may know in reality a lot of people have unfinished accounts. But behind them are real person with no desire of making public their identity.
We repeat… We are not actually knowing who like your ad, so some may have unfinished profiles, even with no pictures or friends. A certain thing is that we never use bot’s that disappear in weeks. We’re doing them safe in a slow natural flow.

General Questions

You simply select a product from the left menu where are the categories, or from ”Shop” page. Next you check the service description and if you are decided to buy, complete the details needed for the order and add it to checkout. You will notice your order on your cart from where you can pay.

Once finished with your payment your order will be listed on client dashboard. Inside every order you can add new details and communicate with our operators that deal with your order. In a few days we will deliver our work inside the same order.

Coupon discounts can be found either on our section called ”DISCOUNTS AND CO. UPDATES” or you can subscribe on our mailing list where we update with new coupons on monthly basis. The biggest coupons can be found on subscription e-mail.

Yes, once you finish ordering, we add your order on your client dashboard area. Inside every order we have a communication area, where you can left additional information’s, add attachments and any others you may consider necessary.

There is no account creation possible without buying first a product.

To avoid our server overloading with dormant accounts, we limited access inside our membership area only to active accounts, where is genuine interest for our services and products. We do this first of all to improve our clients experience and overall speed. A database full of hundreds of thousands of dormant accounts would slow us down seriously.

Once a service is selected and paid (on any value), we will permanently save your account data.

Thank you for your understanding.

Orders delivery time is an average rate of delivery between standard purchase and those that take multiple services from the same package. Therefore, where is less work, we deliver faster.
However, they are situations when customers need some services to be delivered slower. For example, on social media, is commandeered to have them done slowly, over a longer period of time. In this case, if you want a slower time than the one specified on the service description, please let us know inside the order and notify us that you want drip feed and we’ll establish together a time frame when this will be delivered.

Average time you see on orders cover also those that order in a bigger quantity. So, in reality, we generally deliver faster than the term specified on standard services. On a $8.99 standard service you may expect to see the order delivered with at least 1 day earlier than the term specified.

Yes, will take more time, but not always double. Depends how many you took.

For example if you buy 10 articles on a service that offer 1 (like in here), there will be additional time over the 4 days (standard delivery time on article writing).
We will determine the correct amount of time needed to finish the additional 10 articles and we will inform you on your order. You will get updates on your order and your permission to start (if you agree with the new delivery time).

Once you confirm that you agree, we will pass the task to our writers.