SEO Wiki: Panda Update 3.5 Is Now Live

SEO Wiki: Panda Update 3.5 Is Now Live

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Google issued a new update to its Panda algorithm that aims for low-quality content. But who won and who lost? Searchmetrics has published a study of that which we are now inscribing in our SEO wiki.

Our story here described the winners/losers list, as Searchmetrics did, presenting who was estimated to have expanded and lost in the new Penguin Update that was published this week by Google. Penguin aims for not low-quality content but spams also.


The Winners

Amongst the winners are large brands and news sites. Spotify, The New York Observer, music site NME, Men’s Health, Poynter, Stack Overflow, The Verge and Marvel are just a few of the easily noticeable names that jumped out at me.

The Losers

Who was hit the toughest?

Searchmetrics, going over the list, précised the losers as mostly this way:

  1. Sites using databanks to aggregate information
  2. Press entities and aggregators
  3. Heavily templated sites

The first Searchmetrics post has since been restructured to show what it considers now as the Penguin Update winners and losers.


Nobody knew that there had been a Panda Update that also occurred, one that actually it was likely responsible for most of the ups and downs on the lists. This was established by the chief of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts.



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