SEO Tricks: Advantages of Using a Sitemap

SEO Tricks: Advantages of Using a Sitemap


Using sitemaps has many advantages. And the reasons are not only easier navigation and for better access by search engines. Sitemaps inform search engines immediately about any modifications on your site. Well, you can’t expect from search engines that they will hurry right away to index your changed pages. But certainly the changes will be indexed quicker. And its quicker compared to when you don’t use a sitemap.

If your site is new, or if you have a good number of new (or newly updated pages), then using a sitemap can be a boost to your success. Though you can still go without using a sitemap, it is probable that soon sitemaps will become the standard method of submitting a site to search engines. Well it is sure that spiders will remain to index the Web. Still it is reasonable to say that the benefits of sitemaps will continue to rise.


Keep in mind that the sitemap plans of major search engines (and particularly Google) are still in beta. So using a sitemap might not produce enormous advantages right away. But as search engines advance their sitemap indexing algorithms, it is likely that more and more sites will be indexed fast through sitemaps. And that is why using a sitemap is always in my list of SEO Tricks.


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