SEO News: New Google Update in Town?

SEO News: New Google Update in Town?

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Over the last week or so, I’ve been hearing SEO news via the forums that Google’s search results have been in a state of change. Usually when I see such a level of discussion about variations in Google, I expect Google to publicize an algorithm update.

This morning I saw a point in that announcement and chatter in the forums and I am honestly confident Google is testing and about to issue a significant update.

I emailed Google for verification or more info and Google has not responded. Google normally replies to us within 24-hours with a confirmation or rejection of an update. The absence of communication makes me doubt Google is testing something and is not prepared to comment.


The previous time we had a Penguin update was on May 26th, Penguin 1.1, over three months ago. We know the next Penguin update might feeling shaking and we have to expect Google has been at work for something pretty significant on the Penguin side – as it has been over three months.

For a second time, Google has not verified any of this. It might be pure rumor or normal Google ranking shifts but usually, based on the level of webmaster gossip I see, it does look like a Google update is being tested and perhaps rolled out.

A Google representative responded but did not approve or deny the update. So there is not far new I can add to this post after talking with Google.

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