SEO For Dummies: Reverse Interview With A Beginner

SEO For Dummies: Reverse Interview With A Beginner

SEO For Dummies

Search engine optimization is a good way to avoid spending money on advertising. But it takes a lot of time and hard work to reach a professional level. While walking in this way of challenges, people face some common difficulties. Here we have Steve J. Matthews who want to start his career with SEO. Let’s see what he has to ask about in our SEO for dummies session:


  1. I am searching for an SEO service that can get me the same exact links my competitor has. Is it possible?
  2. No. Doing precisely what your competitor is doing will continuously keep you one step back of him. Of course your competition should be in your target. But their achievement in rankings should not be the benchmark for yours.
  3. I know that content is the key. But I like my site just the way it is.
  4. If you are uncomfortable when it comes to modifications to your site, probabilities are that your site will not be able to climb rankings by much. If you keep doing what you have been doing earlier, you’ll keep getting the same outcomes.
  5. My pal just signed up for an SEO service. Now he is attaining 500 directory submissions each month. I want that too!
  6. SEO is not about capacity. No matter what price your pal is paying for those directory submissions, he is actually overpaying. And cheap SEO is even worse than no SEO at all.
  7. I know I don’t sell cars, but the word “cars” has a great volume of searches. So I would like to rank for that keyword for my tire shop.
  8. Even if you did rank for cars after costing a fortune on SEO, you would still have awful conversions. Because the people who search for “cars” are more likely to be searching for…you know…cars! (And not only the tires you are selling. They are looking for a complete car)


That’s concludes our session for this week. Let me tell u the key take outs here. Search engine optimization should never be the only means of advertising any company. Because search engine algorithms are in a continuous flow, and any one daily changes can effect a site’s ranking negatively. And it might even lead to a point where the entire site can be put in risk. So organic rankings should never be the only way of getting traffic for any site that is being run as a business. With that said, search engine optimization can subsidize greatly to almost any online advertising campaign.


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