SEO For Dummies: 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

SEO For Dummies: 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

SEO For Dummies

Google and other search engines update their algorithms of the search engine optimization (SEO) can be hard to stay current with best practices. Backlinks should still be a priority? Google Penguin update, how do I lose because it can stop traffic?

But no matter how the search engine ranking formula that you should avoid, how much there is to change the basic mistakes in SEO for dummies? Here are five common errors and you will see some advice on how to avoid them:


Failing to conduct proper keyword research.

Keywords takes place on the Internet. They will only be displayed on the search engine results that are relevant to the question of the website.

The content on the Internet, are going to do in terms of research than the sound post, you can reduce your chances of search results to generate traffic.

The lower the value of building backlinks.

Link Building However, you need to keep up the standard size, can be an important part of online marketing. Backlinks lower price – spam sites, the links to inappropriate sites or sites with built – especially after the recent Google Penguin update affects the SEO of your site.

Google Penguin is an algorithmic change designed to weed out spam sites in search results. And a site marked as spam a site’s backlinks are thought to play a role in the repression of the main factors.

If you follow the steps, but really focus on delivering value to the people who come to your site SEO is established. Your final task will be to their satisfaction and you will be rewarded with higher search rankings and increase revenue opportunities for both.

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