SEO Expert tips: Four Ways to Re-Boost Sales

SEO Expert tips: Four Ways to Re-Boost Sales

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I’m a strong believer that industries must always develop or face destruction. So, at the first of last year when my company — which focusses in producing short advertising videos known as “sizzle reels” — was facing high levels of return business. But not much in the means of new customer gaining. Straightaway, I set off to make some big modifications.


Here are the four stages I faced, as well as some of the teachings I learned along the way of a SEO Expert.

  1. Teach the sales team to work with a 2-for-1 attitude. When we sold a new client we stimulated our team to change that one client into two. We made a database that gave free gift cards and provided breakfasts to clients who gave us recommendations. Very shortly, our business’s bottom line rushed without spending a penny on lead generation.
  2. Fine-tune keyword approach based on client response. Over several lunches, conference calls and email exchanges, we requested our clients to tell us what they believed about our service, where they heard about us and why they employed us. The most expressive thing we learned was that maximum of our clients found us online but hardly ever by using any of our traditional keywords.
  3. Make things easier in the information collecting process. Client response also taught us that they didn’t need to call us or send an email over our general inquiry address since they didn’t know what to ask in order to get a price quotation. In reply, we added a “request a quote” page that asks customers to answer questions we supposed they might ask us to get a quote. In This method, we can gather everything we need to offer them with an accurate quote without requiring to have an actual discussion.
  4. Move to a cloud network. Moving our business’s operations online not only assisted us to provide data to customers faster and close deals faster, it also reduced our overhead expenditures by $2,500 a month usually.

Ultimately, use recommendations to build your reputation. We were lucky to have a list packed with name-recognizable clients counting some really popular brands. We wanted to reach out to numerous of our clients for recommendations, which we possibly will then use to get new clients. We collected those recommendations and display them on all sales resources and online. Though we can’t put an precise dollar amount on what this method generated revenue-wise, it is clear that it has made it much cooler for our sales persons to close sales.

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