SEO Consulting: 6 Ways To Recover Ranking From February 2011 Update

SEO Consulting: 6 Ways To Recover Ranking From February 2011 Update

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Back in February’2011, search-engine tycoon Google made a modification in its algorithms pointed at cutting the number of spam content sites — occasionally known as “content factories” that appear at the top of search results. The idea was to allocate lower ranking to websited that use a lot of reused or matching content, or that had many stories packed with repetitive key words in a clear attempt to rank higher.

Although some companies may be benefiting from fewer spam links at the top, other genuine ecommerce companies have seen their traffic cut off. Along with sites for instance eHow, The Wall Street Journal lately reported.

How can companies recover the traffic they lost to the Google change? Here are the six ideas SEO Consulting sessions always include:

  1. Generate unique content.

Businesses who have been taking product packaging language and putting it on their websites can write unique product data in its place. That would benefit you avoid the black mark from Google for identical content that sends your site’s ratings below.

  1. More e-mail marketing.

A lot of ecommerce companies have depended solely on search terms and Google to carry them traffic. It may now be time to change it – by sending out more email and other direct promotion to bring them to your site.

  1. Pick up the phone.

A company the Journal summarized has decided to make 75 calls weekly to prior customers with offers to attract them back to the site. No algorithm can affect with such a direct marketing movement.

SEO Consulting

  1. Start a business blog.

Your business can create unique content while getting out to customers and building connections. Chat about existing projects, future products, events you’re joining or new clients you’ve engaged. Contents don’t have to be lengthy, and even one a week can help your site appear busier to search engines. Each blog post as well gives you something to share in social media to boost promotion.

  1. Change something on your site weekly.

If nobody at the company has the time or ability for blogging, take another tactic. Just try to get something to update on your site every week. Include a press release, a sale announcement, a team bio or an upcoming product notice. Continuously changing sites get improved rankings.

  1. Build your own links.

Think through about guest posting or just leaving exciting comments on the blogs of prominent sites in your community. You would be able to link back to your site from those blogs. These incoming links would help recover your rankings.


Overall, use honest tactics, and you will be good to go. Always remember that organic traffic will get you more long lasting rankings then black-hat paid links.

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