SEO Blogging Tips: Title and Meta Tags

SEO Blogging Tips: Title and Meta Tags

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We will discuss two very important part of SEO blogging, which are title tags and meta tags. Let me take u through one by one:

Title Tags

Suppose that you composed 100 dissimilar books but gave them all the identical exact name. How would somebody understand that they are all about not the same subjects?

Now visualize that you composed 100 different books, and although they did have different names, the names weren’t very expressive — perhaps just a single word or two. Yet again, how would somebody know, at a look, what the books are about?

Titles tags comes in help with that topic precisely. A unique and expressive title tag is bound to catch some attention.


Meta Tags

A Meta description that covers the keywords searched for may grab the user’s eye. A well-crafted Meta description may perhaps help ‘sell’ that result to the user. Both can outcome in extra clicks to your site. For itself, it seems logical for the Meta description tag to be totaled as a success factor.


SEO professionals will debate that the Meta description tag isn’t a “ranking factor” and that it doesn’t in reality help your pages rank higher. Reasonably, it’s a presentation factor, something that shows how you look if you appear in the top results in arrears to other factors.


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