Link-building as a web marketing tool


If you don’t have enough time to read through Google’s copious manual and all the succeeding forums, blogs, and comments it laid, here are some instructions on how to get quality inbound links that raises your site up the search engine rankings. They are really useful for web marketing:

  1. Research what your competition’s doing

There are some tools for researching the inbound links to any website. First step would be to focus on what is working well for others. If you want to compete with them, you must go on the path and to the same thing they are doing.

With those tools, you can enter in 10 websites to look up for those backlinks they all have common.


Web Marketing

  1. Link up business relationships.

Build relationship with those prominent companies, which you found out to be your target. Those influential business professionals hate spams and don’t appreciate to mix up with people they don’t know. So you will have to enter their community.

It’s as easy as linking your Facebook account to put relevant comments. And every business has contact info that can be found on their websites. Start a conversation with them, introduce yourself and give valuable tips- you are good to go.

  1. Identify dead links.

If you find to search a valuable content and only get a 404 page it’s even more frustrating. Find out those links and talk to the publication. Explain your content can benefit readers. If you successfully do this, you can gain their trust.


SEO basics- rank it up


Your content is not the best, so why people would care? It will make them care if you do some SEO basics. Apply following pro tips for your web content:

  • Inserting internal links

With average web content you can totally have higher rank in Google. Just insert internal links. It’s significant that your best SEO content is linked internally by other pages on your own website.

Go back to edit some older posts. Include links to the new posts which have incredible content.

SEO Basics

  • Inserting external links.

This is the most important and big one for you. That’s inserting external links.

Websites other than yours are links for using as external links. Google depends on those external links to see how good the post is. You can praise about you all day, still people won’t believe you.  But as soon as others brag about you, people gives attention. Can relate the situation? Yes, this external link addition is really a big catch for you.

You now have to do some link building. You may have great content but you have to go for the link building. That means go look for other website owners and ask them for links. There are some pages that gives tips for getting those external links.

2 strategies for the Keyword-Driven content writers

Yes, it used to be true that keyword stuffing once helped pages get higher rank even if the content wasn’t that good. It’s a really common misinterpretation that SEO and content marketing are two mutually exclusive business strategies. Actually they are not.

Now this scenario has been changed. Search algorithms now offers the appreciated content that people are searching for — which is the chief objective of content marketing.

  1. Distinguish the keywords that are searched the most

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner- can be a great help for searching the most relevant keyword.  Now you have to consider what are your audiences searching for and what their intentions that rely behind those searches are.

Try to find out their specific needs and concerns. This can be your target to find your keyword as well as the content can be written based on that. Dig deeper to find out what people are typing to search their desired concerns.

Content writers

  1. Consider the human component

Select the keywords that don’t target wrong audiences. So as a content writer you want the search result to be relevant. If wrong audiences are targeted it will lead them to the search engine again. So, targeted population should be relevant with the content.

These two methods are famous among content writers for a long time, so whats your opinion? Let us know

8-point Checklist to ensure you higher SEO ranking

Entrepreneurs who are optimistic for strong SEO rankings might use it for benefit. A checklist can be created to ensure that everything is just perfect for the next website article. It will definitely back you up for your post so that it can occupy the higher rank in Google. So the checklist is your best shot.

An idea about the following 8-point checklist for the finest SEO suggestions can be a great help before publishing your next web content:

  1. select a quality keyword to have focus on
  2. must research your competition before starting
  3. try to provide a superb content for the topic you select
  4. make sure the title has your keyword on it
  5. set the keyword in your header
  6. the keyword needs to be used in the URL and in the post also
  7. setting internal link can your content with other pages on your website
  8. The last and the best tip- insert external link that can relate your content with other websites too.

SEO Ranking

Planes don’t crash more often from a mechanical failure. It has all the moving parts inside it, but the question is why plane doesn’t crash in that way? One most important reason is checklist.

Pilots perform an extensive pre-flight checklist to ensure that the whole thing is functioning exactly as it claims to be. After that they go for taxiing and take-off. So follow this checklist for your SEO strategies.



SEO strategies – reasons to start SEO investments


You really need to start researching in an SEO campaign. Following four points will give you a good knowledge about SEO:

  1. Benefits take time to develop

It takes costs to get started, but don’t let it fool you. All of the values multiply over a time. The longer you invest here, the higher benefits you get. But you need experience and knowledge to build up yourself in this field.

  1. It is a ‘golden age’ of SEO

Getting involved here gives u a load of possibilities and a load of experience. As soon as you are in this field you will know how to execute. And now is an era of SEO. Don’t miss all the resources and potentials it will provide you.


SEO Strategies

  1. Higher ultimate ROI than other campaigns.

Every content you build up, every link you develop and every works you perform are permanent here. So it offers you compounding returns over time. Eventually it will increase your skills and social followings.

With the reputations you will have certain benefits over time. Over time the interest grows.

  1. Your rivals are on their way.

Waiting to get involved in SEO has a significant opportunity cost. If your competitors are already perusing their own strategies, you are way behind. The longer you wait the more time they get to develop their positions.


Perhaps you don’t have enough knowledge about SEO effectiveness, that’s why you are not approaching fully to use SEO strategies as a marketing strategy. Well then go ahead and let me know!




2 major tips for SEO writing

Here are two tips for improving your SEO writing:

  • One must choose a good keyword for the content that will lead to a success. The post will be shown up depending on the keyword. If the blog is about cat food then we will need to choose a keyword that people are actually searching for. Google keyword planner is a great help for this type of situations. It is a free tool that will show you an estimate for any search term. For example, ‘small dog toys’ gets 590 monthly searches- higher than any other related combination words. However, we must need to research also to start writing on this topic.

SEO Writing

  • After selecting the perfect keyword, my next action would be to go for some research works. We will need to go incognito for that. Just go in your private browsing on your web browser and write We are going incognito to make sure that Google don’t use our past search history to influence what we see on the search result. Take a glance on all the contents on page one of Google, other than any ad results on top. The 1st 10 are your competition. Now you are ready to go further for your web content build up.

Before writing any content one must go through two important things. Picking a good keyword to focus on and researching the competition in Google. Checking these two matters will help ranking the SEO writing higher in Google.


SEO experts in 5 Tools

A lot of big companies are realizing the need and importance of local businesses. They are contributing resources to catch on their platforms too. Even Google has accepted local businesses. The world is open for those businesses can be said.

SEO Experts


It is not possible for all to hire an expert who can monitor all. Local listings are becoming hard for those small local businesses who cannot afford SEO experts for selecting the right keywords. They are really easy to use and can fulfill your demand for sure. Supercharging the listings can be done without hiring a full time expert by the following 5 tools:

  1. Synup: repair your inaccurate local citation
  1. BluMenthals: select the correct business grouping.
  1. WordStream: improve your relevant listing keywords.
  1. Whitespark: construct citations for local listings.
  1. Advice Local: observe and control search rankings.


All the mentioned tools can manage your listings, and check out how your performance is on search engine over time. Step by step you will be requiring these tools. They will assist to clean up your citations to analyze your performance. And the best part is that they are really easy to use, and you will not be needing anyone to monitor your needs at all.

3 Reasons Your SEO Rank is Falling


Applying a search engine optimization approach isn’t adequate to get you on the front page of Google’s search results.

Even through an SEO rank strategy in place, there is a good chance it isn’t functioning the way you expected.

  1. You’re not applying the accurate keywords

Deciding the best keywords for you and your business can be difficult, particularly if you’re working in a highly occupied category. Always make sure your keywords are what your potential customers are looking for.

  1. Not using digital marketing utilities

Digital marketing tools benefit you see what is working and what isn’t, therefore you know where your approach is strong—and where it desires support.

The whole thing from analytic trackers to goal trackers fall underneath the data visualization tools category, and all are essential if you want to see your SEO efforts to do well.

SEO Rank

  1. Not targeting your proper customers

Your SEO approach needs to rotate around what your customers—or possible customers—look for when they want your product or service. If you don’t recognize who your customer is, your SEO tactic is sure to fail.


Getting the accurate SEO plan takes trial and error. With a lot of care and a little fine-tuning, you can find your path to the first page of search engine results. Thus, it will increase your site traffic, leading to your company’s success. So double check your SEO scheme now.

A Small Guide to Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis is one of the most debated and planned search engine optimization (SEO) responsibilities out there. But currently, there are so many applicable tools out there that backlink analysis has turn out to be a seemingly awesome task.


Choose your tools.

First, pick your tools. There are lots of different choices out there, however most have similar features and purposes.

Quality of Link

Even though there are some tools out there that can help you inspect your link quality, nothing will offer as much understanding as doing it yourself. Precisely, here are the sort of backlinks your site better avoid.

  1. Links from inappropriate pages
  2. Global links
  3. Links from low authority foundations
  4. Site wide footer links
  5. Article directories links
  6. Over optimized links with anchor texts

Backlink analysis

Clean up your links.

After reading through your important metrics, the following step in your backlink analysis procedure should be to clean up any matters you’ve encountered in the backlinks pointing to your site.


Backlink analysis may seem like complex — and there are a lot of people out there who will endorse you take some more steps than what I’ve listed here. But in my view? It’s improved to have an easy procedure that you can commit to performing regularly than to overcome yourself with pointless steps.

So follow the guide and lemme know your impressions in the comments.

Don’t Let Rebranding Terminate Your SEO Ranking

Rebranding can be such an awesome process for industries that many avoid it. The reason is exclusively to the headaches it makes for their CMO and SEO ranking sectors.

Here are a few tips to verify that while you’re rebranding, you stay at the highest of the SERP or search engine research pages for your most valued keywords.

  1. Try to keep the similar domain

In this way your old customers will be able to find you. Though this sounds like a countless advice, it’s not practical at all times. Brands that contribute in mergers often throw out their old trademarks and share a completely new name. This clearly means they have to change their site to a new domain.

SEO Ranking

  1. Check if your contact info is conversant

Co-citations are very significant for SEO, particularly for local businesses. Google bots crawl the web and examine contact info to determine rankings, so your contact info on other sites for instance Google Plus would closely match your website’s.

  1. Try to keep the similar URL structure

Conserving your URL structure isn’t that vital if you’re using redirects correctly. Nevertheless, it can decrease the headaches involved if you’re trying to manually change interior links that you might otherwise overlook to redirect. Keeping your structure as before can reduce the danger of human error and outcome in fewer broken links.


Have you ever noted any consequence on your SEO throughout a rebranding campaign? Please feel free to share your knowledges and involvements below in the comments.