SEO basics- rank it up

SEO basics- rank it up


Your content is not the best, so why people would care? It will make them care if you do some SEO basics. Apply following pro tips for your web content:

  • Inserting internal links

With average web content you can totally have higher rank in Google. Just insert internal links. It’s significant that your best SEO content is linked internally by other pages on your own website.

Go back to edit some older posts. Include links to the new posts which have incredible content.

SEO Basics

  • Inserting external links.

This is the most important and big one for you. That’s inserting external links.

Websites other than yours are links for using as external links. Google depends on those external links to see how good the post is. You can praise about you all day, still people won’t believe you.  But as soon as others brag about you, people gives attention. Can relate the situation? Yes, this external link addition is really a big catch for you.

You now have to do some link building. You may have great content but you have to go for the link building. That means go look for other website owners and ask them for links. There are some pages that gives tips for getting those external links.

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