SEO 101: Google’s Web spam Algorithm “The Penguin Update”

SEO 101: Google’s Web spam Algorithm “The Penguin Update”

SEO 101

Move above Panda, there’s a fresh Google update in town: Penguin. That’s the endorsed name Google has given to the web spam algorithm that it published recently.

What’s An Update?

For those unacquainted with Google updates, I’d suggest reading Why Google Panda Is More like a Site Rank Factor than Algorithm Update from last year. It clarifies how Google has a selection of algorithms used to rank pages.

Google sometimes changes these algorithms. When this occurs, that’s known as an “update,” which in turn has an effect on the search results we get. From time to time the updates have a large impact; sometimes they’re barely noticed.


Say Hi To Penguin

Ever since Panda, Google’s been avoiding titles. The new algorithm in January planned to penalize pages with too many advertisements above the fold was known as the “page layout algorithm.” When Penguin moved out earlier this week, it was titled the “webspam algorithm update.”

Without a label for the new webspam algorithm, Search Engine Land was asking people for their own concepts at Google+ and Facebook, with the last vote making “Titanic” the leading candidate. A last check with Google got it to issue its own official title of “Penguin.” For more updates on this news tune into our SEO 101 next week.

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