SE0 2011 Tips: Guest Posts

SE0 2011 Tips: Guest Posts


In a professional view, SEO includes all the link building and on-page optimization actions. The purpose of SEO is to reach good rankings in organic search. But do you always have to do the optimizations? Not really. Well let me tell you when you should use it.


SEO might not involve expenditure of money. But it isn’t the cheapest substitute of page ranking. When you study how much time you devote for on page optimization and for link building, you don’t look at it as free anymore. Time is money, and these free SEO actions have lost you so much time that you now know how luxurious ‘free’ can be. However, there are cases when you just require basic SEO. Guest posts are something like that.


Mainly, the paybacks from guest posts are two. First, you get free publicity in front of a new-fangled audience. And second, you catch a backlink or two following to your site. If you post on a really widespread blog, you can get considerable amounts of direct traffic to your site.

When you have found some decent blogs you’d like to guest post to, the main step is to write the post. Generally, blogs that agree to take guest posts have their own rules. So make sure you check them earlier you publish the post. When you write the post, don’t overlook to contain the allowed amount of backlinks in the description. Or even better ‐ include them in the post itself.


When the article is prepared, don’t submit it right away even if their rules say so. When you publish the article with them, it is almost blocked from submitting somewhere else. Because if you do, you risk having it distributed on two or more sites. And you may face penalty for plagiarized content. This is why it is best if you get an answer that the blogger is interested in your post. Then you submit that post in that blog. After submitting, check the site everyday till the article gets issued. Because bloggers don’t email you every time when the article is live. So if you don’t check on a regular basis, you might slip it.


Guest posting is a very powerful strategy. So if you haven’t utilized it so far to promote your blog, consider giving it a go. Ultimately focus on extraordinary quality blogs and only at that time you will see blameless results.






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  • Henry Fo Reply

    I did not understand quite the whole thing, how do i make guest posts?

    August 18, 2011 at 21:44
    • Tina E Reply

      In addition to local search engines, you need to try your luck with local directories, too. You might think that nobody reads directory listings but this isn’t exactly so. For instance, Yellow Pages are one of the first places where people look when searching for a local vendor for a particular product.

      September 20, 2015 at 14:33
  • Rodrigo Reply

    Those tips about articles can apply for any articles, not just guest posts right :)

    August 20, 2011 at 05:15

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