300 Socials with Interaction & Traffic

$17.98 $16.99 [*Will be delivered in 4 days]

300 SOCIAL MEDIA SIGNALS for Websites, Pages, Profiles or any link or profile of any SOCIAL Networking site (example: pictures, tweets, comments, favorites, pin, post, stumbles, everything you like, and and so forth).
This package came with people interaction and social media TRAFFIC coming from these campaigns. Therefore you will see the traffic coming from these campaigns to your site/link/blog. You may also see more activities on the posts, like people commenting or sharing.
SOCIALS + TRAFFIC package will generate at least 90% visits to your site.
Example: if you purchase 1000 signals, approximately 900 of signals will be transformed into visitors. Most of the visits are consistent, people usually reading information and navigating through site. This translate into:
– High retention rate between 10 and 50 seconds
– Low Bounce rate, under 60%


Before buying this service, we need from you:

– your link, post or page or profile (or any)

– what socials you want us to promote? (example: signals, tweets, faves, likes, so on) & in what social network?


At this point, our advertisers will start the marketing campaign for you.


*Note: This $16.99 service offers 300 socials with interactions and SM traffic. 

For more social media signals (*with traffic) check our options and order more.

Social Media (+SM Traffic) – Optoins

Treat yourself with respect and add more numbers
to your social presence + SM Traffic (*Optional)

What socials you want?

Requested socials and any additional information (*Optional)

How many you have now?

Drip Feed

How many days this campaign will run? (*Optional)
If no one selected, default will be 4-5 days

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Product Description

 All our social media campaigns are safe, slow and natural. Everything is simple and smooth: we find people interested in you and advertise smart, without annoying anyone.


Because this service has multiple choices, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND  TO CONTACT US BEFORE BUYING.
This way you will know  for sure if what you need is what we can do (or not)


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Why do I need Social Media?
Apart from a good image in front of your customers (as they see a bigger number of socials), most of our customers confirmed that our social media service has a great effect from SEO perspective, even for new sites. However we are only promising what we are doing: the number of socials.


What is the difference between standard Socials and Socials with Interaction & Traffic?
The difference consists in the promotions that are targeted to your niche or they are untargeted. ”Socials with Interaction & Traffic” is highly targeted and people are direct interested in your niche and they tend to interact and visit that website.

Standard socials are also good from SEO perspective, but people seen your site rarely navigate or generate any traffic. However, their socials equally counts for SEO.


What are the social media options? Can I skip those?
Social media options empower users with useful choices to tune up the campaign. You can add more socials, more links, choose which signals to use and drip feed them between 4 and 30 days. However, if you are in a hurry, you can skip all of them, except the field for your link that is compulsory to start this order. If all will be skipped, we'll do them all on default values, meaning:

- a mix of 2-3 socials

- drip feed 4-5 days

- we'll mention ”how many socials you have” before you started.


What means Drip Feed?
Drip Feed means to provide the socials gradually, over the time specified. However, there will not be a perfect distribution as people respond differently from a day to another to our promotions


Are the socials coming from real people?
We have no control of who do the socials or how they look like. We just promote on networks (inclusiv exchangers), news feed, timelines, people walls, groups, channels, company or private pages (including exchangers), ad texts and banners . However, some people have new or unfinished you may know in reality a lot of people have unfinished (or fake looking) accounts. But behind them are real person with no desire of making public their identity.
Some may have unfinished profiles, with no pictures or friends. A certain thing is that we never use bot's and dangerous fast likes that disappear in days or weeks. We're doing them safe in a slow, natural flow.


Does this service bring traffic?
Depends on the package you purchase. Standard socials does not bring traffic, while ”Socials with Interaction & Traffic” bring more interaction and also high targeted traffic. However we do not guarantee sales or opt ins or any kind of activity you may want on your site. We have no control of what people do on the sites.


Can I have targeted socials?
We can only target US/UK countries, but you will get only half as a number. For example if you purchased 300 signals, you will get only 150 US/UK country targeted socials.

Furthermore, we inform you that we do not target socials to other countries except US/UK. Regular orders will have international signals.

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