Future of SEO: Google Will Only Appreciate Quality

Future of SEO: Google Will Only Appreciate Quality

In this year of SEO chatters and conference, the best method seems to be focusing on the quality of your site in manners of visitor engagement, content value and other on-site stuffs, which is as an alternative to over doing complex SEO techniques intended to boost rankings.

Another interesting SEO factor that you can expect to be important in future ranking algorithm updates is the amount of visitor engagement happening on a site. As Google boosts the sites that its users will find useful, one might presume that sites that show high engagement will be rewarded in the upcoming updates.


Some news say, the proper metrics that the Google can pick up and track in order to calculate visitor engagement aren’t instantly apparent. As a common rule, a few of the specific term webmasters would focus on are the presence of customer reviews, blog comments and social networking follow-ups.

Even though Google didn’t hide any of its desire to reward high-value content with top search rankings, a lot of webmasters yet rely on keyword-optimized or copied-and-pasted articles to fill their pages.

Experts say that if your site wasn’t impacted by the Panda or Penguin updates, you shouldn’t think that you’re safe. Google has made every sign that it wants to flush out low value results from the search results. Making sure your content quality up now provides one of the best chances to protect your site from future penalties.

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