On-Page SEO And Success Factors: A Chat With Tally Simons

On-Page SEO And Success Factors: A Chat With Tally Simons

On-Page SEO

Recently, our staff correspondent asked SEO blogger Tally S. about On-Page SEO and the factors. We are today publishing a transcription from what Tally said.


There are 3 most important groups covered by the success factors of SEO, according to Tally:

  1. On-Page success Factors
  2. Off-Page success Factors
  3. Violations

Inside each group are subcategories. These subcategories may contain one or more separate SEO factors with a specific weight or importance.

On-Page SEO

On-Page Success

On-Page search ranking factors are those that are nearly or completely within the publisher’s individual control. What sort of content do you issue? Are you offering important HTML signs that help search engines (or users) to determine relevancy? How does your site construction benefit or hamper search engines? Always go through these out when planning for a SEO approach.

He added that, search engines require human to perform SEO as it can help improve their search results. Search engines offer help in the form of recommendations, blog posts or video clips to encourage specific SEO techniques.

Tally also said that, applying Black Hat SEO strategies and approaches can get your site banned from search engines, not including you from the number one traffic transfer source on the Internet. It’s essential to have a proper knowledge of Black Hat SEO and its outcomes.


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