New SEO Plan? Keywords Affected Differs By Industry

New SEO Plan? Keywords Affected Differs By Industry

SEO Plan

While the opinions I made may be supportive, the real value lies in understanding how extensive this change is and where it happens.

Almost all keywords with seven results have site links.

We observed that almost 95% of keywords with seven results moreover have breakout site links. We also found that the site links show up on all keywords that are product keywords. So, you can imagine that all branded keywords – for you and your rivalry – will now have seven link results.

As the change was first observed on August 20th, the number of keywords with seven results improved four times. As we checked the changes, we realized that what started as a trial by Google was clearly being rolled out on a wide measure and consistently across data hubs and regions.


At the phase of this writing, this new SEO plan is visible in North America and Europe, and numerous countries in Asia and South America.

The key take-out is that Google’s quest for quality and relevancy delivers you an opportunity – optimizing your search campaigns through multiple search types, and in multiple formats, puts your brand not only in a position to win, but also to direct the new Google SERP.

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