New Features Keep Coming on Google+: Increase SEO Rank Today

New Features Keep Coming on Google+: Increase SEO Rank Today

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Since their start at 2011, Google+ is now packed with new features this year. If you didn’t set up your Google+ account yet, now’s the perfect time to get active on Google’s social network. You can set up your own personal profile, start adding friends, family members and customers to your circles, and then share content on the site.

One of the most useful benefits to this transition will be the improved social sharing options available within the Google+ platform. You may only take advantage of this if you’re active on the community.


You can also contact all Gmail users on your email lists. Filter your email list to make a sub-list of customers with Gmail accounts, and afterwards send this group a message informing readers of your latest Google+ Local page. Be kind to request that they “+1” your page or maybe add you to their circles, since social signals like these plays a bigger role in SEO rank than ever.

Advance forward with proper local SEO practices. Anb right now, it doesn’t seem that this interface update has notably impacted the business of the search engine results pages. So as it’s important to consider the actions described above to get the best of your local SEO benefits, it’s also a good idea to press forward with any present marketing campaigns that follow current market’s and best practices.


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