Does New Domain Extensions Negatively Impact Your SEO? Negari’s Case Study

Does New Domain Extensions Negatively Impact Your SEO? Negari’s Case Study


Five years before, there weren’t that many opportunities when it came to domain name extensions. You could only list a domain with a .com, .org or .net extension — and good luck if the designation you wanted was already in use! In recent times, nevertheless, domain name archive companies have expanded the list of choices, thanks to the rising demand for URLs.


Does using a new domain extension upset your SEO?

The general agreement has been that .com, .edu and .org tend to rank the finest in the search engines. As a result, many SEOs have claimed that using new domain name extensions is a bad idea as of the risk of damaging your search engine rankings.


Consequences of Negari’s case study

Negari, CEO of .XYZ, wanted to show that the .car extension can rank just along with a TLD like .com. To test his theory, he worked in partnership with Lucra Cars — a vehicle manufacturer in Southern California. They replaced their old domain,, with All URLs were forwarded to the new domain, and the site construction was kept intact in order to reject other factors that might affect Lucra’s SERPs.




Limits of the case study

Negari’s case study demonstrats that it’s definitely possible for a brand to rank on the top of Google’s SERPs with a new domain name extension lead. On the other hand, there are some boundaries to the study.


It is obviously circumstantial, not scientific. A more official study with a larger sample size of sites would be required to draw any concrete conclusions.

Also, Negari assessed Lucra’s only rankings for its individual brand name. It’s clearly much easier to rank for a branded term than an additional competitive one for example “boutique car manufacturer.” In the meantime Negari didn’t examine the impact on industry keywords, it’s hard to determine how Lucra would have ranked for the precise keywords for which other brands were vigorously optimizing.


Though the panel of judges is still out on whether or not these new domain extensions might have a noteworthy effect on your rankings, it seems as though the expected negative impact is in fact lower than the SEO community predicted.


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