Local SEO: Location Factors

Local SEO: Location Factors

Local SEO

Once upon a time, everybody saw just the same search results. Nowadays, no one sees precisely the same search results, not on Google, not on Bing. Everybody gets a personalized practice to some degree, even in private surfing windows. So now search engines filter contents according to user preference, specially local SEO in location factors.


One of the coolest personalization ranking factors to know is that people are publicized in results relevant to the state they’re in.

Somebody in the New York searching for “football” will see results about American football; someone in London will get results about the type of football that Americans would know as soccer.



Search engines don’t stop identifying at the country level. They’ll modify results to equal the city or neighborhood based data on the user’s location.

Personal History

What has somebody been searching for and clicking from their search results? What sites do they frequently visit? Have they Liked while using Facebook, shared it via Twitter or maybe pinned it?

This sort of personal history is used to changing degrees and ways by both Google and Bing to effect search results. Not like country or city personalization, there’s no easy way to attempt and make yourself more relevant.


Ultimately, there’s still a lot shared aims. It’s not that everybody sees totally different results. As an alternative, everybody sees many of the same “general” listings. But there will similarly be some listings appearing because of where somebody is, whom they know or how they surf the web.




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