iOS 9 Ad Blockers: Reason of a new SEO Quake!

iOS 9 Ad Blockers: Reason of a new SEO Quake!

SEO Quake

The Web has been lively the last few months with talk of Apple’s current backing of mobile ad blockers. By means of the issue of iOS 9, billions of iPhone and iPad users can at present block ads in the Safari browser. And they seem to be doing exactly that.

Ad-blocking apps maxed out at the Apple Store download list in only one day after i0S 9 got released. This is in fact no surprise in view of how these apps tout their capability to enhance mobile web browsing by smacking online ads that eat up data and reduce the speed of web pages.

SEO Quake

What Marketers Have to Distinguish

Be aware, Ad blockers block further than only ads to cause a major SEO quake. On top of stopping the showing of mobile ads, iOS 9 ad blocker apps can conflict with other sorts of content, for instance analytics tracking. This shows that marketers will have a tougher time gathering data on user actions, which is often vital to campaign optimization.

What Marketers have to do

As a start, make your ads informative, not disturbing or annoying. Why would people block your ads? Well, they do so for the reason that they aren’t willing to view disturbing pop-up ads or ads with automatic audio. According to some data by TapInfluence’s “The State of Ad Block, 2015”, a lot of people are okay with ads that are informative and different- meaning appropriate static ads or video ads which can be skipped. Ultimately, these ads don’t conflict too much with the browsing experience.


News By: Alicia Henderson

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