How the EMD Update Impacts SEO Score

How the EMD Update Impacts SEO Score

SEO Score

One of my desired future algorithm change predictions of the last couple of years lastly came true at the tail end of September; specifically the dialing back of Exact Match Domains’ position.

The update was publicized by Matt Cutts on the 28th of September, and it’s been enclosed in some detail by Barry Schwartz on these very pages, so I won’t go over old news again. As an alternative I’d like to focus on the inferences of this update on multinational search, which are in fact pretty thoughtful.


The EMD Update’s Impact on Channels & Countries

Dialing back the reputation of exact match domains, although only effecting 0.6% US English search terms, will still have a strong influence in the Retail, Finance verticals, Travel, and Gambling.

This is only due to a higher amount of exact match domains with enough supporting SEO having strong visibility in these channels. Why? They are the most competitive networks for SEO in the Americas (and greatly of Europe and APAC, to be fair).

As a heritage of older-school SEO, exact match domains have often had sturdy single key-phrase rankings for high value generics in each of these verticals. In many circumstances, the domain gets combined into a traditional big brand’s SEO score.

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