How Google+ Can Influence Local SEO Now

How Google+ Can Influence Local SEO Now

Local SEO

Good news for owners of local business, the result page of Google’s latest Google+ Local tab will go well over the social network’s increased social capabilities. All the info compiled under the new tab — which is to provide data and ratings on local businesses. They will be indexed by Google. The latest Google+ Local pages will  also give businesses a better chance to be ranked in the search results, as well as the power to harness social proof from their customers to drive internal Google+ reviews and future business.

But to do that you’ll need to do more than merely sign up for a Google Places on behalf of Business listing. There are precise actions to take in action to maximize the local SEO outputs of the new Google+ Local for your website.


Google+ Local listings are mostly re-writing the old Pages listings. Since the transition hasn’t published to all users yet, sign up on both sites until the shift happens can help insure that your online reputation remains consistent.

So link to your new Google+ local page from your site. And with that, you can get the dices rolling. It will eventually result is local SEO benefit to your business’s website, as well as the a social boost you’ll rise you by adding your existing customers to your new Google+ Local web presence.

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