“Gray” is no longer a part of SEO Basics

“Gray” is no longer a part of SEO Basics

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SEO is a dramatic change over the past year, but many small businesses are still playing what I call gray area. It was not always black and white SEO basics, but we sometimes have a few gray that strategy, but I was not reliably effective.

All notices and changes we’ve seen since 2013, thanks to Google, this gray time. Link building and keyword research is still incredibly important, but they are equipped with radar that has been successful in the past, and you want to include white hat practices, will have to start to diversify their SEO strategy.


SEO changes and announcements, we saw 2013

Based on the conversation – the first, of all the people he was about to complete the process of revamping the hummingbird updates. Are you in search results, “Cars” have been such a discussion, for example, if the user is about to start some type of article you are going to add pop to narrow a SERP “Vehicle.” – Car rental store or vehicle, such as safety assessment – the user did not ask specifically for that category, even if.

Next, we Google+ and YouTube, with its integration with the author saw as the most important one. In other words, Google, Google + Google bots crawl that is considered the basis of information to be reported.

Finally, webspam chairman of Google, Matt Cutts, a recent announcement, “blogging. Stick a fork,” of course, talking about the fact that, for the purpose of SEO and link to blogging, but it still connect with the formation proves to be popular and authoritative website Naturally, the establishment of a link would still create content.

Looking forward to a variety of SEO Tactics

The above discussion points, he believes that Google SEO right and it is clear that some of the wrong ways to do this is based on. Late into long-term studies are still sites with more blogging sites, to run your business. If you’re someone responsible than in the past, you may have – nothing has really changed.

We saw last year that SEO do you feel about the change? They are your SEO strategy patikkappattirukkirirkala? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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