Google’s Panda Puts Spammy Backlink Services Out of Business

Google’s Panda Puts Spammy Backlink Services Out of Business

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Let’s face realities: Your Company isn’t on the Net if it isn’t vastly indexed by Google since Google is the Internet now.

Therefore when the world’s most widely held search engine recently publicized an update to its search algorithm. Many of those companies that use low-quality content to push search engine traffic to their sites found themselves at the bottom of the black hole. In the new system, publishing copied content, spun articles, spams and keyword stuffed content actually diminish the ranking of these so-called content farms and backlink services.

Yet, if yours is a noble enterprise with a web site or blog that is in the routine of publishing unique, high-quality, relevant and beneficial content, you’re to be expected to be rewarded with an improved search ranking. If your site benefits users find content that is appropriate to their searches, Google’s updated algorithm — dubbed Farmer/Panda — supports you to stay in Google’s good graces.



How shocking was this slap down to content farms? “A big number of low-quality domains lost noteworthy visibility” in the U.S. Google search engine results pages, according to an enquiry by free SEO software corporation Sistrix.

However, Google has drawn an important line in the sand and believes all website owners to add, keep and promote unique content on their pages. If you’re administrating a company site, this development is a chance to provide potential visitors with useful info as well as start your startup or company as an authority on your manufactured goods or service.

Obviously, these modifications instituted by Google have prompted criticisms from the owners of web sites that were demoted in the process, including lawsuits that Google has the ability of manipulating the rankings.

Talking at Search Marketing Expo, Matt Cutts, who is Google’s chief engineer in the company’s Search Quality Group, speaks about the algorithms- “There are so many algorithms — definitely most of the algorithms don’t have any exception logs,” he said, in addition that Panda has no way of giving allowances manually.

And by means of 85% of enterprise marketers using or preparation to use SEO within the next year, it becomes compulsory for companies on the Internet to remove their black hat SEO strategies (according to Forrester Research). As an alternative, they shall put on a “white hat” and start providing contents that is actually going to bring more web traffics naturally.

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