Google Sandbox Can Hurt Your Website Rankings

Google Sandbox Can Hurt Your Website Rankings

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Let me tell you something before proceeding to sandbox damage. Well it is a must to clarify the basic rule: you can’t fight the sandbox for your Website Rankings. The only thing you can do is to adjust to it. And then patiently wait for time to pass. There are many steps you can take. But let me tell you about three common techniques to get you the idea:

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  1. Collect content and good links. As time passes by, relevant and new content; and good links will pull you to the top. While getting links, keep in mind that they must be from trusted sources. Similarly, links from .edu, .gov, and .mil domains may also help. That is because these domains are generally excluded from the sandbox filter.
  2. Always plan ahead. Launch a couple of pages first instead of the general practice of launching a site when it is totally complete. This will trigger the clock. And time will be running according to your site development struggles.
  3. Buy old and expired domains. The sandbox consequence is more crucial for new sites on new domains. So you’ll experience less problems if you buy old or expired domains to launch your new site there.


Remember, depend more on non-Google ways to rise traffic. It is often said that Google is not the only search engine or publicizing tool out there. So if you plan your SEO optimizatrion to contain other search engines, this will also minimize the damages of the sandbox effect.


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