Google Lucky 7: Differences in New Search Engine Ranking

Google Lucky 7: Differences in New Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking

Since the Google SERP remains to evolve and brands aim to rise their control over search results, the emergence of a new kind of SERP has interesting allegations for SEO Experts.

Since August, Google has been helping some keywords, SERPs with 7 organic listings, in its place of the usual 10 listings as debated in 7 is The New 10?


This turns in with what Google states as its ultimate goal for search engine ranking – “Generally, our aim is to deliver the most appropriate results for a specified search query as possible.”

Although this change has caused an expected disturbance from many a marketer, a large chance presents itself for brands that capitalize in universal search techniques. Not only can brand sites control the Google SERP with multiple results from a single site, but also bad content can be fought and pushed out of the first page.

Currently that the ‘dust has settled,’ in a manner of speaking, I will to walk you over these changes and explain what this means to a search marketer in a future post. These recommendations will be based on an study of SERPs, using a wide example of 26,000 keywords across industries counting: Technology – B2B, Technology – B2C, Financial Facilities and Retail. Till than happy SEO and keep posting.

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