Gaming With Site Ranking: Can the 2012 Updates Stop It?

Gaming With Site Ranking: Can the 2012 Updates Stop It?

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Many authors were reported to claim, “The times of gaming Google are finished in 2012.” But I think if you are an SEO, gaming Google is what you look after. As long as Google uses algorithms to help up search results, there will always be a way to play with it. The well-mannered term that we use to define such playing is search engine optimization.

The good news, there will certainly not be a cooler time to use SEO to game Google than at the moment. Over time, it will grow into more challenging to reverse engineer ranking factors as the algorithm develops. The signals will become much bigger in number and more delicate.

In an interview, Gary Illyes inclined what the Google Corporation said. It says that many websites are not doing much SEO on their websites but they are doing extraordinarily well. If they can do it, then pretty much anybody can do it.”


The truth is that it’s nearly impossible to do extraordinarily well in a good niche without engaging dynamically in SEO. This is a difference on the Matt Cutts ideology, “Write for users, and not for search engines.” The point of the subject is, you need to be writing for both.

The Hummingbird algorithm accompanied in the first wave of algorithm effectively. As a replacement of depending strictly on keywords, this update is focused on user involvement to determine the full background of what a page is about. This improved how pages should be written and optimized in a somewhat profound way.

There was a phase that it was sufficient to just check out a competitor’s keyword density and duplicate it when optimizing a page. Actually, if a directed keyword catchphrase did not appear on the page at least once, it was highly not likely. That has all altered with Google adding Latent Semantic Indexing into the algorithm.

Experts claim, a page really must be useful and worthy of page one position in site ranking. To define what this means, analyze the top standing pages and the associated phrases on these pages. Look for outlines. What phrases are mutual among the top search page? What relevant phrases are showing in search results? Try figuring that out by searching a couple of things relating to your organization or site.

Gaming Google will never be any modest than it is today. Nevertheless, what is included is much unlike than what was involved in previous years. Tall sized exploits have been swapped by high class content and links to earn your place.


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