Don’t Let Rebranding Terminate Your SEO Ranking

Don’t Let Rebranding Terminate Your SEO Ranking

Rebranding can be such an awesome process for industries that many avoid it. The reason is exclusively to the headaches it makes for their CMO and SEO ranking sectors.

Here are a few tips to verify that while you’re rebranding, you stay at the highest of the SERP or search engine research pages for your most valued keywords.

  1. Try to keep the similar domain

In this way your old customers will be able to find you. Though this sounds like a countless advice, it’s not practical at all times. Brands that contribute in mergers often throw out their old trademarks and share a completely new name. This clearly means they have to change their site to a new domain.

SEO Ranking

  1. Check if your contact info is conversant

Co-citations are very significant for SEO, particularly for local businesses. Google bots crawl the web and examine contact info to determine rankings, so your contact info on other sites for instance Google Plus would closely match your website’s.

  1. Try to keep the similar URL structure

Conserving your URL structure isn’t that vital if you’re using redirects correctly. Nevertheless, it can decrease the headaches involved if you’re trying to manually change interior links that you might otherwise overlook to redirect. Keeping your structure as before can reduce the danger of human error and outcome in fewer broken links.


Have you ever noted any consequence on your SEO throughout a rebranding campaign? Please feel free to share your knowledges and involvements below in the comments.

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