Do Company Names Fit in the SEO Title Tag?

Do Company Names Fit in the SEO Title Tag?


The reply is a loud YES! I’ve figured that it’s fine to place your business name in the title, and even to place it at the start of the tag. Actually, if your business is already a renowned brand, I’d say it’s very important. Even if you’re not a famous brand yet, odds are you’d like to be, right? The title tag provides you a great chance to promote this cause.

This doesn’t say that you should put just your business name in the SEO title tag. Even the most popular brands will get advantage from a few good descriptive idioms added. Since they will improve your brand as well as your search engine traffic. The people who by now know about your business and search for it by name will be able to catch you in the engines. And so will those who have not ever heard of you but can find the merchandises or services you sell.


I suggest that you don’t use an exact sentence dragged from your contents as your title tag. And don’t use the same phrasing that’s used in your top headline. It’s much better to have an exceptional sentence or a convincing set of words in your title tag.


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