Did Penguin Turn Google’s Search Ranking Better Or Worse?

Did Penguin Turn Google’s Search Ranking Better Or Worse?

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Google’s newest search algorithm change designed to fight spam and develop its search ranking went live a few days ago. A lot of people are seeing its effect already. Superior or inferior? It’s simple to find some samples of things being bad; it’s hard to say in general if there’s been a net enhancement or not.

Let me start with some cautions. If you hangout in some forums, you’ll find a lot of people shouting. People tend to shout after any update that things have gotten worse since they’ve lost rankings. Few scream about how stuffs have improved, much less offer examples. Briefly, depending on just on forums can give you a twisted view.


That doesn’t say you disregard what you might discover in forums, though. A small number know the quality of any search engine’s search results in addition to SEOs. They might not be happy if something outranks them, but good ones know if somewhat better or worse has moved up. The same is true even for some of the “good” black hat persons out there. They might purposely violate Google’s guidelines, but that doesn’t say they don’t know search quality.

I consider the most important thing for those who are anxious about the latest changes to remember is this. Forget the positions. Go into your traffic. Give it a day or two or three. Is your total traffic from Google Search much improved than it was before yesterday? You’ve perhaps gained. No change? The update had no effect on you. A plain drop? If so then yes, you got pushed down.

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