Content & Keyword Research

Content & Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Maybe the most essential SEO factor after generating good content is good keyword research. There are a selection of tools that let you to discover the precise ways that people may be searching for your content.

You have to produce content using those keywords, the definite search terms people are using, so you can generate content that successfully replies that query.


Content Words & Use Of Keywords

Having completed your keyword research (you organized that, correct?), have you really used those words in your page? Or if you’ve previously produced some quality content earlier doing research, maybe it’s time to revisit that content and do some editing.

Main thing is, if you need your pages to be showed for specific words, it’s a good idea to really use those words in your content.

How frequently? Recurrence each word you need to be found for as a minimum of five times. Or try to find out a keyword concentration of 2.45% for the best results.

No no, that was a actually a joke! There’s no exact number of intervals. Even if keyword concentration seems scientific, or even if you hit some overhyped “perfect” percentage, that would promise totally nothing.


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