Link-building as a web marketing tool


If you don’t have enough time to read through Google’s copious manual and all the succeeding forums, blogs, and comments it laid, here are some instructions on how to get quality inbound links that raises your site up the search engine rankings. They are really useful for web marketing:

  1. Research what your competition’s doing

There are some tools for researching the inbound links to any website. First step would be to focus on what is working well for others. If you want to compete with them, you must go on the path and to the same thing they are doing.

With those tools, you can enter in 10 websites to look up for those backlinks they all have common.


Web Marketing

  1. Link up business relationships.

Build relationship with those prominent companies, which you found out to be your target. Those influential business professionals hate spams and don’t appreciate to mix up with people they don’t know. So you will have to enter their community.

It’s as easy as linking your Facebook account to put relevant comments. And every business has contact info that can be found on their websites. Start a conversation with them, introduce yourself and give valuable tips- you are good to go.

  1. Identify dead links.

If you find to search a valuable content and only get a 404 page it’s even more frustrating. Find out those links and talk to the publication. Explain your content can benefit readers. If you successfully do this, you can gain their trust.


SEO News: Jason R. Rich- Strategies for Promoting Your YouTube Videos


By SEO News Staff Reporter: David K.


In his well-known book “Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business”, publicizing and public relations advisor Jason Rich show you how to discover major secrets of effective “YouTubers”. Thus you can put your brand, manufactured goods or service in front of billions of prospective viewers. In this edited quote, the author summaries 12 conducts you can promote and market your small industry YouTube videos.

SEO News

When it comes to advertising and promoting your small-business YouTube videos, keep an eye on these 12 basic approaches:

  1. Provide a full and accurate title and explanation to each of your videos, and subordinate tags (keywords) that are openly relevant.
  2. Put a call to action within your videos to inspire people to like, rate or comment on and share your videos.
  3. Initiate by promoting your videos to the general public you know, as well as your real-life friends, relatives, consumers and clients. Ask them  to watch your video and share them with their online networks.
  4. Take benefit of the power and competences of the online social media sites to promote your videos. As a representative for your company, for instance, become active on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, in addition to other relevant social media site (all of them matters!).  Create an online presence for your company on Facebook, G+ and/or Pinterest, and then use that presence to sponsor your videos.
  5. Include your videos into your own business’s site and blog.
  6. Share links en route for your videos with your present customers or clients via email.
  7. Use public relations methods, such as using press releases to interact bloggers, publishing supervisors, reporters and producers. Do these in order to produce free media coverage for your videos in mainstream media, along with in blogs that cater to your target customers.
  8. Get your videos registered with the main search engines, containing Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and then focus on SEO approaches to get the best potential listing placements.
  9. Try to work together on videos with other businesses that are already utilizing YouTube successfully and that are targeting the similar audience, but that are not in direct rivalry with you.
  10. Start upholding your YouTube channel within your business’s printed catalogs, flyers, and sales materials, along with its existing old-style advertising.
  11. Think through paying for keyword advertising on Google+, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook. Google AdWords for Video is as well a very cost-effective and influential tool for promoting YouTube videos.

And last but not list, if you have a broad financial plan, get a professional YouTube video marketing company to help you plan and go through an online promotional campaign for your videos.

So try these cool tips, and do let us know your real life experiences in the comments.



Does New Domain Extensions Negatively Impact Your SEO? Negari’s Case Study

Five years before, there weren’t that many opportunities when it came to domain name extensions. You could only list a domain with a .com, .org or .net extension — and good luck if the designation you wanted was already in use! In recent times, nevertheless, domain name archive companies have expanded the list of choices, thanks to the rising demand for URLs.


Does using a new domain extension upset your SEO?

The general agreement has been that .com, .edu and .org tend to rank the finest in the search engines. As a result, many SEOs have claimed that using new domain name extensions is a bad idea as of the risk of damaging your search engine rankings.


Consequences of Negari’s case study

Negari, CEO of .XYZ, wanted to show that the .car extension can rank just along with a TLD like .com. To test his theory, he worked in partnership with Lucra Cars — a vehicle manufacturer in Southern California. They replaced their old domain,, with All URLs were forwarded to the new domain, and the site construction was kept intact in order to reject other factors that might affect Lucra’s SERPs.




Limits of the case study

Negari’s case study demonstrats that it’s definitely possible for a brand to rank on the top of Google’s SERPs with a new domain name extension lead. On the other hand, there are some boundaries to the study.


It is obviously circumstantial, not scientific. A more official study with a larger sample size of sites would be required to draw any concrete conclusions.

Also, Negari assessed Lucra’s only rankings for its individual brand name. It’s clearly much easier to rank for a branded term than an additional competitive one for example “boutique car manufacturer.” In the meantime Negari didn’t examine the impact on industry keywords, it’s hard to determine how Lucra would have ranked for the precise keywords for which other brands were vigorously optimizing.


Though the panel of judges is still out on whether or not these new domain extensions might have a noteworthy effect on your rankings, it seems as though the expected negative impact is in fact lower than the SEO community predicted.


When To Know if You Need Help With SEO Marketing

Even if your company is already growing, it can always grow more rapidly. Marketing can give you that advantage. If you run a business without a marketing team, or have one occupied only with junior associates, here are some explanations why you may want to recruit experienced marketers, or hire an agency for SEO marketing.

  1. You would rather explore business financials than Google Analytics.

Information is powerful, but if you do not know how to tie together the power of your site analytics you are ruthlessly missing out.

  1. You get astounded thinking about publicity, content and social media.

Your company loses out on a lot of opportunity by not winning in any marketing activities. Obviously, you would not make the severer mistake of hiring an intern to manage all of these stuffs.

SEO Marketing

  1. Your notion of marketing is a $50 advertisement in a local newspaper or a $15,000 TV commercial. Targeting, you say. But what targeting?!
  2. You moreover don’t know what real time bidding (RTB) or programmatic buying are.

Maybe you have never heard of them. Certainly, advertising isn’t that difficult….

  1. Your company gets a lot of website traffic but a comparatively low number of sales — less than 1 out of a hundred.

Expert Suggestion…

How you promote your business matters and having a capable marketing team can help you to make your outcome better. The earlier you invest in marketing, the quicker you will be able to jump over the competition.


So, It is time to shine your conversion funnel to get more visitor value!


Google’s new algorithm to prepare for your SEO strategy?

Last fall, Google’s biggest change in the past decade with a rolled into one – an entirely new search algorithm, search algorithm changes and search for the latest updates, Panda and Penguin, but hummingbirds and about 2 to 5 percent, which affected almost all questions, queries w nicknamed “Hummingbird ,.” 90 per cent believe to be affected and the dramatic changes in the way the machine to process user requests.

Hummingbird inspiration will come in the environment. In the past, the query string for each word to be processed according to the user’s query Google-‘s instructions. For example, the indicator “and” Chicago’s words, “Hotel,” “search space through the” Chicago Hotels “keyword phrase on Google to find a good match.”

But now that users are more likely to enter full of questions – for example, “What’s the best hotel in Chicago?” – Engine, Google to serve up the best results in order to understand the context of the question. If you have the best hotel in terms of price point or a luxury? If you are looking for a hotel closer to the action and your position in Chicago? In all cases, it was not very successful in the context of your question, which determines the hummingbird, though it was not immediately clear.


However, there are some tweaks you I clearly want to do this update in response to your SEO strategy – the “old school” technique is still, especially if. Here are just a few SEO strategies you’ll want to include in your day-to-day routine:

Do keyword research – market research makes. As unique, granular and competitive metrics for measuring the volume of search queries, for example – – is on its way out, as Google continues to evolve, it is clear that traditional keyword research.

Then, easily and clearly understood by your visitors and the search engines the content of your website, a way to provide additional value to ensure that the answers to these questions.

Include your content in question. The question of the content of your site is not included in the start, you’ll want to keep in mind that there are some new guidelines:

Your content badly (in the future the risk of suffering the panda penalty) are written, if not, you do not always have to enter the target user queries to be made instead of keywords for each page you can go back. You must, however, add additional content to the content if there is no risk of messing with the already successful program.

“A page of questions” Traditional managers of the page with the keywords too many rules, not required to follow. Search engines are able to make sense of your content pages, you can answer a lot of questions, and each question is fully answered your audience.

Give your readers as much information as possible. Otherwise come and steal traffic from search clickthroughs – to answer the question results display page, the sidebar posed directly – SEO managers are concerned about the possibility of a feature Google’s new data card. It is this feature that can not be rolled out more widely in the future, not for any reason, at present only available in the Chrome browser. Potentially, to give so much money to visit your site and your readers time to take additional steps to prevent the traffic to your pages poaching.

SEO For Dummies: 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Google and other search engines update their algorithms of the search engine optimization (SEO) can be hard to stay current with best practices. Backlinks should still be a priority? Google Penguin update, how do I lose because it can stop traffic?

But no matter how the search engine ranking formula that you should avoid, how much there is to change the basic mistakes in SEO for dummies? Here are five common errors and you will see some advice on how to avoid them:


Failing to conduct proper keyword research.

Keywords takes place on the Internet. They will only be displayed on the search engine results that are relevant to the question of the website.

The content on the Internet, are going to do in terms of research than the sound post, you can reduce your chances of search results to generate traffic.

The lower the value of building backlinks.

Link Building However, you need to keep up the standard size, can be an important part of online marketing. Backlinks lower price – spam sites, the links to inappropriate sites or sites with built – especially after the recent Google Penguin update affects the SEO of your site.

Google Penguin is an algorithmic change designed to weed out spam sites in search results. And a site marked as spam a site’s backlinks are thought to play a role in the repression of the main factors.

If you follow the steps, but really focus on delivering value to the people who come to your site SEO is established. Your final task will be to their satisfaction and you will be rewarded with higher search rankings and increase revenue opportunities for both.

Why Local SEO Is More Important Then You Think

Almost any business can take benefit of local SEO’s advantages. In the meantime, with Google’s fan titled “Pigeon” update in 2014, the significance of local SEO has grown. Thus leading many industrialists to focus on their tactics even with going years without making an allowance for a local SEO. Others, who already experienced regular local optimization tactics, saw the update as a chance to increase their determinations even further.


Growth of mobile and wearable devices.

Each year, the fraction of online searches done on mobile devices has grown once and for all. And as you can imagine, the mainstream of mobile searches are executed while on the go. With the beginning of wearable devices, for example the Apple Watch, users start doing on the go searches even more regularly. And with even more instant needs.

As an outcome, local based searches are expected to start becoming popular. And local searches will be centered on hyper specific locations, rather than just on a provincial or locality-specific base.

So, if you are thinking of local business promotion, then make local search optimization your first priority. Because, someone from Malaysia may not need to visit your coffee shop, your local neighborhoods will.



The Drawbacks of SEO Services

The SEO specialists and clients both need to know that SEO takes continuous effort and time. It could take months to move forward in the ratings, or to build lots of links. Moreover, if you stop optimizing for a period, most likely you will experience a significant drop in ratings. So you need lots of inspiration and tolerance not to give up when things are not going your way. But SEO has some drawbacks as well as its advantages.

Fast changes in rankings

But even if you someway manage to get to the top, protecting the position needs continuous efforts. Well, many other companies are like that, so this is barely a reason to complain for them. Except when an angry client starts shouting at you.


Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is perhaps one of the biggest concerns for SEO services. Scam and unfair competition are present in any business. It is right that search engines penalize black hat SEO exercising. But still black hat SEO is a big concern for the industry.


But besides these hard parts, SEO career has tremendous good sides also. And many people are now successful SEO specialists. So just like Jerold Smith said, “Challenge is a trigger”, remember that these are only obstacles in your way to being a successful SEO professional.


How to Be In The Top In SEO

It surely won’t hurt to publish new content to your site as it will certainly make your site more worthwhile. But don’t just add a load of fuzz just for the sake of posting something. It surely is okay to have a commercial site that is just a commercial site, and not a discourse on the history of your products. So keep in mind what Jeremy Davies said, “Self-promoting too much is not a good choice, and it certainly is very annoying.”

Tag your internal text links and clickable contents alt attributes (alt tags) as plainly and descriptively as possible. Your site viewers and the search engines look at the clickable part of your links (the anchor text). And it will help them know what they’re going to discover once they click through.


Write convincing contents for the main pages of your site based. Write them on your selected keyword phrases and your target market’s requirements. This is a vital part to having a popular website. The search engines need to read keyword contained SEO contents on your pages so they can recognize how to sort your site.

Include your keyword phrases into each page’s unique Title tag. Title tags are serious because they’re given a lot of importance with every search engine. All that keyword phrases you’ve written in your contents can also be used in your Title tag.




How to Get Sales Lead With SEO Lead Valodation

Most digital marketing promotions — SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), display marketing etc. fail to validate conversions. This puts an extra load on the sales force. And it decreases productivity and close rates. Adding a validation procedure into your operations will make your sales team much more effective.


What Is Lead Validation?

A usual digital advertising campaign tracks conversions. When somebody clicks on your link an organic search result of google, an SEO conversion is logged. When somebody phones your office using a phone number showed on your Bing Ad, a PPC conversion is logged. At the end of the month, a report is created which shows how many conversions were logged. Sales and marketing workers review these reports and make choices about how to modify them for better results.

Very few firms validate leads, which is unlucky but reasonable. Validation is boring, time consuming and never finishing. But fascinatingly, very few firms are very good about the value and amount of their online leads. And very few feel that they are getting the best out of their digital advertising investment. But why? Because, validation is an important element. Add it to your advertising and sales strategies. Then gain the benefits from your more dedicated marketing and sales teams.