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2 strategies for the Keyword-Driven content writers

Yes, it used to be true that keyword stuffing once helped pages get higher rank even if the content wasn’t that good. It’s a really common misinterpretation that SEO and content marketing are two mutually exclusive business strategies. Actually they are not.

Now this scenario has been changed. Search algorithms now offers the appreciated content that people are searching for — which is the chief objective of content marketing.

  1. Distinguish the keywords that are searched the most

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner- can be a great help for searching the most relevant keyword.  Now you have to consider what are your audiences searching for and what their intentions that rely behind those searches are.

Try to find out their specific needs and concerns. This can be your target to find your keyword as well as the content can be written based on that. Dig deeper to find out what people are typing to search their desired concerns.

Content writers

  1. Consider the human component

Select the keywords that don’t target wrong audiences. So as a content writer you want the search result to be relevant. If wrong audiences are targeted it will lead them to the search engine again. So, targeted population should be relevant with the content.

These two methods are famous among content writers for a long time, so whats your opinion? Let us know

6 Vital SEO Strategies to Include in 2016


Usually, the two most important items required to rank well in search engines are links to your website and content — the hard part is making great content and producing those links. It is also vital to note that Google, the major search engine, has hundreds of ranking factors with some influences having more weight than others.


Here are six vital SEO strategies outside of the basics, which are critical to getting to — or staying at — the highest of the search engines in 2016.

  1. Make an influencer who is a subject-matter expert.

An influencer is somebody who people listen to online. When it comes to search engine optimization, having an influencer in your place will mean more people link to your website, share your blog posts and trust your content.

  1. Improve your content-marketing strategy.

Every single website must have a content strategy concentrated around your top keywords. When you create content for instance blog posts, videos, whitepapers, research reports and webinars, it provides people somewhat to link to.SEO Strategies


  1. Generate influential backlinks to your site and pages.

Having an influencer and content marketing approach will help you develop backlinks to your website, but it is also vital to actively be seeking ways to get people to link to you. Some of the greatest ways to do this are to write for a big publication, do industry interviews and endorse your powerful content to people who matter.

  1. Get your website mobile friendly.

In 2015, there was a major Google update known as Mobilegeddon. This meant that if you did not have a mobile form of your website by April 21, 2015, you lost a noteworthy amount of your rankings in the mobile version of the Google search entries.

  1. Move your site to HTTPS, a secure site.

The “S” in HTTPS stances for security, and if your URL starts with HTTPS ( rather than HTTP (, then your website is secure. Google wants you to move your site to HTTPS so seriously that they are now giving a ranking lift to websites that are secure. As we move into 2016, we will be experiencing many new sites moving to HTTPS.


When it is about SEO in 2016, these are some of the most imperative items you can concentrate on. Ensure you are adding fresh, high-quality content and producing backlinks. Furthermore, ensure you website is mobile friendly and fully secure. Apart from this, it is similarly important to follow standard white hat SEO exercises.


Good luck to you for your SEO in 2016.

3 SEO Tips to Convert Visitors Into Customers



Let’s say you’ve by now implemented some great content marketing strategies and generated significant traffic to your site. That’s great to know. But now it’s time to really convert those leads into paying customers.


Summon up, traffic is just a means to an end. Receiving thousands of exclusive visits to your site isn’t sufficient if those visitors aren’t opening their wallets. Certainly, you can run advertisements on your website, but that’s not why you’re in business, and your advertisements may never reach their end because they’re being stopped by the visitor’s ad blocker.

So, as an alternative, think “transformation.” Here are three simple SEO Tips to convert your curious guests into paying customers.

  1. Keep it modest.

Make it informal for visitors to find what they are looking for on your website. Put a call to action next to your great content that’s impossible to oversight. Indeed, run more than just one call to action — on different portions of the page. In that manner, visitors will instantly know what type of product or facility you’re offering.

  1. Show it to them.

There’s a message from the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham that every marketer should know: The character in the story considers he wouldn’t like green eggs and ham — until he goes for the dish. He then understands that he likes green eggs and ham, after all.

But letting someone to try something is applicable for a physical product. It’s going to be challenging to let people “try” the product over virtual reality. Nevertheless, you can still set in a video that shows people using your merchandise. Ensure the video highlights how the product resolves a problem.

  1. Offer vouchers.

One of the best traditions to convert visitors into buyers is by offering vouchers. You can do that with no trouble, thanks to your content advertising efforts.

Offer a custom voucher that’s applicable to the content your visitors are reading. You must be able to decide, based on the content, what segment of your market the visitor fits. Then and there, surprise him or her with a voucher that offers wording specifically tailored to this person’s interests. Let’s say, if the content is about local SEO, offer a voucher specifically for local SEO services.

SEO Tips


It’s not satisfactory to simply attract traffic. You furthermore need that traffic to contribute to your returns. That’s why some of your marketing advantages must specifically target content readers. Give these marketing guidelines a try to make conversion occur.

How To SEO: 4 Reasons to Be Happy by the ‘Internet of Things’

The Internet has by now brought hundreds of zillions of people together and created influences that were never before possible — but this is just the start. The Internet of Things (IoT) is approaching, and life as we know it will be distorted.


IoT will connect almost every object to the Internet, preparing everything from furniture and doors to food and cosmetic product with sensors to measure and send data to the cloud. In further words, the whole thing will be “smart.”

The suggestions of IoT are huge: The entire planet will become a united, brain-like system. It sounds like a far-off, futuristic idea, but IoT is imminent, and businesspersons should be excited. Here’s why:

  1. Everything will be measured.

IoT means that all from household appliances, to construction gear, to vehicles and buildings will transmit data and connect with other objects or people. That means everything will be capable of being measured and tracked all the time. Cloud-based apps and utilities will be able to analyze and translate that data into useful info. All this data can influence better decisions and help progress better outcomes.

  1. Metrics will be used in real time.

IoT generates massive amounts of data that can be studied and used to make better judgments. That’s great — but it’s even more fascinating than that. This data can be examined and used in real time. That means data is gathered and instantly put to use to make developments.

  1. Shared actionable data.

All the data that IoT brings won’t exist in a vacuum — it will be shared between co-workers, stakeholders and other parties. Such as, think about how wearable tech lets individuals to collect health data and share it with doctors and benefactors, to improve care. When this type of expertise is applied in other industries, the influence will be huge.

  1. Industries will become unified.

The more communication amongst machines — the more associated they are — the more connected everyone will be to each other. Data won’t be stored into one particular industry. It will be used from corner to corner of businesses and industries, fueling innovation.

How To SEO

Ultimately, data from smart cars can help to progress traffic, which can help to grow and improve smart cities, which can make energy use well-organized, and so on. The potentials will be endless when machines, industries and people can connect and stimulate improvements.


How To SEO Session 1, Tune in for next weeks episode!


iOS 9 Ad Blockers: Reason of a new SEO Quake!

The Web has been lively the last few months with talk of Apple’s current backing of mobile ad blockers. By means of the issue of iOS 9, billions of iPhone and iPad users can at present block ads in the Safari browser. And they seem to be doing exactly that.

Ad-blocking apps maxed out at the Apple Store download list in only one day after i0S 9 got released. This is in fact no surprise in view of how these apps tout their capability to enhance mobile web browsing by smacking online ads that eat up data and reduce the speed of web pages.

SEO Quake

What Marketers Have to Distinguish

Be aware, Ad blockers block further than only ads to cause a major SEO quake. On top of stopping the showing of mobile ads, iOS 9 ad blocker apps can conflict with other sorts of content, for instance analytics tracking. This shows that marketers will have a tougher time gathering data on user actions, which is often vital to campaign optimization.

What Marketers have to do

As a start, make your ads informative, not disturbing or annoying. Why would people block your ads? Well, they do so for the reason that they aren’t willing to view disturbing pop-up ads or ads with automatic audio. According to some data by TapInfluence’s “The State of Ad Block, 2015”, a lot of people are okay with ads that are informative and different- meaning appropriate static ads or video ads which can be skipped. Ultimately, these ads don’t conflict too much with the browsing experience.


News By: Alicia Henderson

Importance of Title Tags in Search Optimization

The title tag has been one of the most essential factors in search optimization. And it probably will always be like this.

Setting proper title tags of your pages can often produce fast and noticeable differences to your rankings. The words in the title tag are displayed in the link on the search engine results page (SERP). Users will click this link to access your site. So modifying them may result in more clickthroughs.

Search Optimization

Title tags are certainly as important as your visible text copy. And they are links directing to your pages, sometimes even more so. This has been a common thing among SEO specialists for at least 10 years. But still it is often passed over by webmasters and others trying to optimize their websites for targeted search engine traffic.

Actually, if your business is already a renowned brand, I’d say it’s very important. Even if you’re not a famous brand yet, odds are you’d like to be, right? The title tag provides you a great chance to promote this cause.

I suggest that you don’t use an exact sentence dragged from your contents as your title tag. And don’t use the same phrasing that’s used in your top headline. It’s much better to have an exceptional sentence or a convincing set of words in your title tag.



Developing sites that are not indexed can decrease SEO Ranking

According to the latest ranking algorithms are analyzed, in which the search engine results pages, the web pages of listings alerts, direct drag.

This site represents a significant weak spot. Search engine spiders to index your site effectively, you can attract the right kind of traffic from search. Various things can prevent a website from SEO Ranking properly, but the most common are the following:

  • The images will die. Search engine spiders can not read text in images that are to be included. If such information is indexed, such as the name or title of your site is as important components, you can save the image.
  • Flash animations. Flash animation is struggling to digest the information stored in the search engine, so use them sparingly.
  • JavaScript and other code elements. These features can offer great functionality, but they will not be indexed. Your site’s robot.txt file format is an alternative to text-based version of the show (or your Java code instead of elements) to block search engine spiders indexing problem.


Failure to update your site regularly.

Outdated content and lower back and will be able to reduce the perceived value of your site visitors and sales declined. Search engine, as well as fresh concerns about your content. US search queries, Google recently updated your site in order to help them refreshed with new postings.

Targeting Search Engine instead of focusing on your audience.

Search engine optimization is important to your audience, you need time. And your site and engage readers and to the point and will not undermine the quality of your content, and stick around on your SEO activities.



Experts advised to create SEO friendly websites


All the search engines you are trying to access your content, if not SEO friendly, will not say a thing to buy your stuffs. One important way that we must search for the architecture, to ensure that this does not happen.

To understand this issue, they also need to know how to generate code that will draw in search engine result pages will be displayed on their website. Google and other Web search engines do not have teams of people every single page Archive. With that automatic robot to move in a site and store information in their database code – it’s “Spider” is called, depending on the project.


Inconsistent linking practices.

To create this link, you name it, you’ll want to be careful about. Again, the search engines do not apply to you to see what is meant by the verdict of the people, because of their spider programs index URL “” and “” two separate pages – even the same Links to both the live audience.

Turning block error, you have to create the path and name of the corresponding links. If you make a mistake in the past, “non-www” as your URL to search engine spiders, “www” Both versions use 301 redirects to tell you that as well.

Redirect the wrong direction.

Failure to do so in the future turning point for the error and corrected the link, if you’ve spent the time to achieve the benefits provided by the backlinks can reduce. Both rankings in search engine results can be minimized worked hard to create this problem.

SEO Experts on 2012 Optimization: The Do’s And Don’t

Search engines do their works as best as possible by bring up users to websites and content that is the most appropriate to what the user wants. So how does a search engine determines that?

What You Should Do

  1. Content: Is resolute by the subject that is being given, the writing on the page, and the headings and metaphors that are given.
  2. Speed: How wild (!) is your server and does it function properly?
  3. Authority: Does your site have worthy enough content to link to? Or do other convincing sites use your website as a mention or quote the info that’s available?
  4. User Experience: How is the site appearance? Is it relaxing to surf around? Is it safe? Does it have a major bounce ratio?


What You Should Not Do

  1. Keyword Bulk: Overdo of keywords on your contents.
  2. Bought Links: Purchasing links will get you nowhere while it comes to SEO, so be cautious.
  3. Poor User Experience: Make it cool for the user to surf around. Lots of ads and making it too hard for people to find content they’re searching for will only rise your bounce rate. If you identify your bounce rate, it will help to fix other info about your site. For instance, if it’s 70% or greater on your website, then probabilities are something is not right.

Search engine spiders only have a definite amount of data loading, so if you’re carrying out shady strategies or trying to hoax them, risks are you’re going to hurt yourself in the future run.

Optimize Carefully, Experts SEO Experts Say

Keyword stratagem is not only essential to implement on-site, but should cover to other off-site platforms, which is why you should also be intellectual about multi-channel optimization.

Being steady with keyword expressions within these platforms will not only help your branding struggles, but also train visitors to use particular phrases you’re optimizing for.

Your content on your site should have heading tags and Meta descriptions. Your Meta description should be distinctive and also express about that specific page. Identical Meta descriptions from page to page will get you nowhere.

SEO Pro David Mihm, an expert and legendary SEO, strongly recommends these to optimize properly.

David Mihm is one of the world’s leading practitioners of Local search engine marketing. He has created and promoted search-friendly websites for clients of all sizes since the early 2000’s. David is the co-founder of



Google Lucky 7: Differences in New Search Engine Ranking

Since the Google SERP remains to evolve and brands aim to rise their control over search results, the emergence of a new kind of SERP has interesting allegations for SEO Experts.

Since August, Google has been helping some keywords, SERPs with 7 organic listings, in its place of the usual 10 listings as debated in 7 is The New 10?


This turns in with what Google states as its ultimate goal for search engine ranking – “Generally, our aim is to deliver the most appropriate results for a specified search query as possible.”

Although this change has caused an expected disturbance from many a marketer, a large chance presents itself for brands that capitalize in universal search techniques. Not only can brand sites control the Google SERP with multiple results from a single site, but also bad content can be fought and pushed out of the first page.

Currently that the ‘dust has settled,’ in a manner of speaking, I will to walk you over these changes and explain what this means to a search marketer in a future post. These recommendations will be based on an study of SERPs, using a wide example of 26,000 keywords across industries counting: Technology – B2B, Technology – B2C, Financial Facilities and Retail. Till than happy SEO and keep posting.