Search Engine Optimization Basics: Explains Carolyn Shelby at SES New York

What are search engines looking for? Are u capable of building your website in a way that will please both your visitors, as well as Google and other search engines? Most essentially, how can SEO help your web presence become more profitable?

During the Overview to SEO session at SES New York, Director of SEO Chicago Tribune Carolyn Shelby, fully described the great value Search Engine Optimization Basics can deliver to a site. She also explained the importance of basic SEO with the following correspondence:


“Hopping the basics and spending all your time and cash on social and ‘fancy things’ are the similar as skipping brushing teeth and taking a shower. But it’s also like buying white strips and using luxurious perfume,” Shelby said.

While the Introduction to SEO session was projected for industry newcomers, Shelby’s instructions offer important reminders for even skilled SEO experts who have been optimizing sites for years. Hopping the essentials of SEO will only leave your site’s base as a mess and stop you from fully capitalize on revenue prospects. Aristotle Onassis advised us to keep focus on the light when you are on the darkest corner. So you should always have SEO in the front of your attention, and always pursue best practices.


SEO For Dummies: Reverse Interview With A Beginner

Search engine optimization is a good way to avoid spending money on advertising. But it takes a lot of time and hard work to reach a professional level. While walking in this way of challenges, people face some common difficulties. Here we have Steve J. Matthews who want to start his career with SEO. Let’s see what he has to ask about in our SEO for dummies session:


  1. I am searching for an SEO service that can get me the same exact links my competitor has. Is it possible?
  2. No. Doing precisely what your competitor is doing will continuously keep you one step back of him. Of course your competition should be in your target. But their achievement in rankings should not be the benchmark for yours.
  3. I know that content is the key. But I like my site just the way it is.
  4. If you are uncomfortable when it comes to modifications to your site, probabilities are that your site will not be able to climb rankings by much. If you keep doing what you have been doing earlier, you’ll keep getting the same outcomes.
  5. My pal just signed up for an SEO service. Now he is attaining 500 directory submissions each month. I want that too!
  6. SEO is not about capacity. No matter what price your pal is paying for those directory submissions, he is actually overpaying. And cheap SEO is even worse than no SEO at all.
  7. I know I don’t sell cars, but the word “cars” has a great volume of searches. So I would like to rank for that keyword for my tire shop.
  8. Even if you did rank for cars after costing a fortune on SEO, you would still have awful conversions. Because the people who search for “cars” are more likely to be searching for…you know…cars! (And not only the tires you are selling. They are looking for a complete car)


That’s concludes our session for this week. Let me tell u the key take outs here. Search engine optimization should never be the only means of advertising any company. Because search engine algorithms are in a continuous flow, and any one daily changes can effect a site’s ranking negatively. And it might even lead to a point where the entire site can be put in risk. So organic rankings should never be the only way of getting traffic for any site that is being run as a business. With that said, search engine optimization can subsidize greatly to almost any online advertising campaign.


Interview With Matt McGee: Challenges for SEO Services

With all of the moving parts related with developing and applying a solid marketing plan now, marketers are tied with enlightening and handling an aggressive, multi-headed opponent.

Feeling lost and hopeless while doing SEO Services? Not to worry. We have asked Matt McGee, Author of Small Business Search Blog about some common difficulties of SEO Marketing Here are some common difficulties marketers face in their pursuit of business success in online and SEO marketing sectors.


  1. What are some good practices in advertising?

From the reports of programmatic advertising company Infectious Media, 54% of digital marketing goes unseen. To fight this dangerous issue, buy advertising from corporations that guarantee your ads will be seen. By arranging visibility, you can easily lift the efficiency of your campaign.

  1. What do you think of Google’s current algorithm?

The ultimate way to make Google’s new SEO algorithm work for your business is to prioritize a quick to respond web design with a mobile-friendly site. That will push your site up to the highest of the search results for all users. And that will be anyway of what device they are using. Always exercise white hat SEO strategies focused on unique, appropriate and in-depth content to keep your viewers pleased and coming back for more.

  1. Is consumer directing essential?

Directing is absolutely essential for gathering a crowd and creating sales. But, if performed inaccurately, your content won’t tie up with the interests or requirements of your audience. And there will be a disconnection among your product and your approaching customers.

  1. How should one prioritize email marketing?

Rising your email list growth should be your highest priority. There are numerous strategies you can use to quickly enlarge your email list. If you temper your readers’ interest with exclusive articles and blog posts, they will be keen to sign up for your newsletter.

  1. How important is video and visual skills?

When we think of vendors, we lean towards to imagine people who are great at writing and announcement. And who also have an ability for networking and tactics-building. But the fact is, visual feeding is not just a trend. And marketers need to advance the skills required to prosper in this new world of info graphics and videos.


Always keep track of how other brands are using high-quality images and videos on their websites and social media. And include lessons learned into your marketing materials. After all, “Someone who uses his skills and imagination properly is bound to be succeeded” – just like Henry Ford said.