Brighton SEO Conference 2012: The Rudiments of SEO Blogging

Brighton SEO Conference 2012: The Rudiments of SEO Blogging

SEO Blogging

SEO conferences are the get together of SEO experts throughout various regions. In this year’s Brighton SEO Conference, a lot of chatters went through about the new algorithms of google and how it may affect your SEO blogging.

Google has put up an automatic algorithms that place your site in a rank. They send out what are called as “spiders” to “bots” on your site and crawl or index it for over 100 indicators that indicate whether your site is good enough or of no use. These pointers may contain stuffs like backlinks, traffic, new contents etc.

  1. Specific domain and hosting

The main prospect of blogging is that the learners need to know is that you must have a specific domain and hosting. I will suggest all fresh bloggers get their very own domain and hosting system right from the start.

  1. Quality content

You have to know that Google’s whole goal is to deliver their customers with appropriate and quality search results. And the most vital thing you can do for your SEO is to produce massively useful content that cracks people’s problems. The expression of “unique content” means so much way beyond than just blog posts in our time. The main target is to form a relationship with your visitors by helping them out. This means to get more sharing and more improved results on the SERPS (search engine rankings positions).


  1. Organic backlinks

If you are only in the start of starting with SEO you should see more or less about backlinks. A backlink is when some other website links back to your site after their site.

  1. SEO Theme

Think through of SEO as having two mechanisms: the off-site things like social media and backlinks and the on-site important stuffs like optimizing your theme. Optimizing your site theme is essential because it can support you to give Google indicators that you are a quality site. It also tells Google to crawl through your content.

  1. Fix Permalink Structure

Permalinks are how someone may find your blog and its core posts and pages. They are made up of a primary source and an extension. But be cautious! You don’t have to modify the old permalinks. As then any backlinks you previously had will be damaged.


SEO is the skill of being sure those bots are pleased with that they get in your site. It is a really difficult task that is shifting from time to time. So keep in mind that you have to change your tactics with time also. And with a planned approach or tactic, your blog may blow up the roof!


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