Big Brands Site Rank to Benefit from Google Update (Again)?

Big Brands Site Rank to Benefit from Google Update (Again)?

Site Rank

Mainly, exact match domains are likely to be held by independent operators.

Either associates, professional SEOs working with entrepreneurial online-only brands, or domains who have opted to maximize the value of their domain holding over content creation strategies (numerous of whom, obviously, have been crippled by Penguin).

SEO Score

The outcome?

Into the places held by these ‘lower value’ EMDs will come the more recognized brands. Many will represent blocks and mortar businesses which have already seen a raise thanks to the Venice Google update.

I’m not usually a vocal apologist for Google, but even though this update could easily be classified as yet another update which encourages big brands at the expense of startups or local businesses, in this instance I feel that would be a major mix-up.

In the situation of the EMD update, Google will provide a significant quality development by weeding out lower value SERPs conquered by EMDs which offer little to no original value.

These SERPs undermine the struggles of the ethical SEO to promote working with Google to advance site rank system. By dialing back the leading value given to EMDs, Google’s taken a confident step in the right direction (there are many more to take, obviously!) to recover rankings for the user, and is validating the ethics it asks us white hat SEOs to arise in public.

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