Backlinks and Comment Spam in Website SEO

Backlinks and Comment Spam in Website SEO

Website SEO

Website SEO is best when it is reliable and well-known sites to link back to you, the search results on Google, you will be able to de-index, discovers that you are paying for backlinks. Translation: do not appear in search results, the site of your company. If you distribute your articles, links and links to various sites that will not participate in the network. It is not good for business.

Your site being connected to the other sites you have to try to convince you to pay for it, there are thousands of sites and services. Because of a common platform that Fiverr, for example, hundreds of people back links pointing to your website, you can buy it only links will cost $ 5. But you have to link to the site? They are related to your industry? They are to be honored?


Comment spam.

Some business owners include a link to their website and comment spam sites around the Internet decide to pay for those services. When customers or potential customers think of those links when you add written comments to the weak links on your site that is spreading across other sites related to your business idea, your brand will be damaged.

The same thing goes for the bad comments on the web site of your own. But the real value of your customers to your site are the ones that approve all comments. This value and the integrity of your website, you can put on your website can help.


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