All About Vertical Search Optimization

All About Vertical Search Optimization

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Not acquainted with vertical search optimization against horizontal search? Let’s pick Google as a sample. Its regular search engine collects content from corner to corner of the web, in hopes of matching many common queries across a broad range of topics. This is horizontal search, since the attention is across wide variety of subjects.


Google similarly runs dedicated search engines that focus on pictures, news or video content. These are known as vertical search engines since instead of covering a broad range of interests, they’re focused on one section, a vertical piece of the total interest variety. As soon as you search on Google, you’ll catch web listings. But you’ll also frequently get special segments in the results (which Google titled as “OneBoxes”) that may display vertical results as considered relevant.

Ultimately, if you’ve got the correct content, on the accurate topic when QDF hits, you may appreciate being in the top results for days or weeks. Just be conscious of that after that, your page might be dragged back in search results. It’s not that you’ve done something wrong. It’s only that the freshness boost has worn out.


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