3 SEO Tips to Convert Visitors Into Customers

3 SEO Tips to Convert Visitors Into Customers

SEO Tips



Let’s say you’ve by now implemented some great content marketing strategies and generated significant traffic to your site. That’s great to know. But now it’s time to really convert those leads into paying customers.


Summon up, traffic is just a means to an end. Receiving thousands of exclusive visits to your site isn’t sufficient if those visitors aren’t opening their wallets. Certainly, you can run advertisements on your website, but that’s not why you’re in business, and your advertisements may never reach their end because they’re being stopped by the visitor’s ad blocker.

So, as an alternative, think “transformation.” Here are three simple SEO Tips to convert your curious guests into paying customers.

  1. Keep it modest.

Make it informal for visitors to find what they are looking for on your website. Put a call to action next to your great content that’s impossible to oversight. Indeed, run more than just one call to action — on different portions of the page. In that manner, visitors will instantly know what type of product or facility you’re offering.

  1. Show it to them.

There’s a message from the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham that every marketer should know: The character in the story considers he wouldn’t like green eggs and ham — until he goes for the dish. He then understands that he likes green eggs and ham, after all.

But letting someone to try something is applicable for a physical product. It’s going to be challenging to let people “try” the product over virtual reality. Nevertheless, you can still set in a video that shows people using your merchandise. Ensure the video highlights how the product resolves a problem.

  1. Offer vouchers.

One of the best traditions to convert visitors into buyers is by offering vouchers. You can do that with no trouble, thanks to your content advertising efforts.

Offer a custom voucher that’s applicable to the content your visitors are reading. You must be able to decide, based on the content, what segment of your market the visitor fits. Then and there, surprise him or her with a voucher that offers wording specifically tailored to this person’s interests. Let’s say, if the content is about local SEO, offer a voucher specifically for local SEO services.

SEO Tips


It’s not satisfactory to simply attract traffic. You furthermore need that traffic to contribute to your returns. That’s why some of your marketing advantages must specifically target content readers. Give these marketing guidelines a try to make conversion occur.

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